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Mythic+ Season 4 Dragonflight: A Comprehensive Guide

22 Apr 2024
Mythic+ Season 4 Dragonflight: A Comprehensive Guide

Do you have what it takes to challenge your skills and carry out some of the hardest dungeons in World of Warcraft Dragonflight? Season 4, "The Awakened," known as Mythic+, is a genuinely memorable one that introduces incredible new material and provides you with the opportunity to win some remarkable prizes. Mythic+ brings you back to dungeons you are familiar with a twist of more formidable foes, a ticking clock, and a passive system of affixes that changes the gameplay mechanics. Each season is different, and this one is no exception. This time, we’ve heard you out! There was a community vote, and as a consequence, player-chosen Tier Set bonuses are being marketed to enable your class dream and empower your personality in various ways. Furthermore, all eight Dragonflight dungeons—Algeth’ ar Academy, Azure Vault, Brackenhide Hollow, Halls of Infusion, Neltharus, The Nokhud Offensive, Ruby Life Pools, and Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr—are new Mythic+ dungeons that will keep you on your toes. When you complete dungeons quickly and efficiently, such as fable dungeons and catacombs, you have the option of receiving exceptional prizes, including the impressive new Infinite Armoredon. Thus, it is best if you don armor, team up, and wake up your internal hero in Mythic+ Season 4 Dragonflight.

What’s New in Mythic+ Season 4?

Mythic+ Season 4, “The Awakened,” opens its doors on April 23rd for North America and April 24th for Europe. This season introduces a variety of exciting new features and challenges to help you put your mettle to the test.

  • Tier Sets Take to the Skies: The power of community selection is in your hands! Season 4 will for the first time feature player-selected Tier Sets bonuses. These unique set bonuses will greatly enhance your class fantasy and open up exciting new possibilities for how you play your character. Imagine a Fire Mage becoming even more destructive with the flames or a Restoration Druid blooming into an even more potent healer. The options are as limitless and diverse as the classes themselves.
  • Dungeons Come Alive: Prepare for an epic adventure on the Dragon Isles! This upcoming season, players will face all eight Dragonflight’s dungeons in Mythic+. Algeth’ar Academy reveals the hidden secrets of the ancient titan-built facility, Azure Vault challenges players with lightning-infused primeval cobalt constructs, Brackenhide Hollow takes players to the heart of the awakened forest, Halls of Infusion sees players face awakened Titan Kyros, Neltharus sends players into the darkest depths of the Emerald Nightmare, The Nokhud Offensive causes players to thwart the evil Nokhud meddling with the realms of the Shadowlands, Ruby Life Pools combat the sinister elemental forces assaulting the Dragon Isles, and Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr uncovers the long-lasting secrets of the titan watcher Tyr.
  • Remixed Affixes: Be prepared to adjust your game plan! In Season 4, the affix system will be overhauled. Affixes will run on fixed key levels: +2, +5, and +10. This guarantees better balance and puts a stop to dual-tier affixes, such as Bursting and Bolstering.
  • Your heroes require a mark of distinction: Season 4, the utmost challenge, rewards the armored Infinite Armoredon mount – the deserving title petition – by completing the most prestigious achievement of the Dragonflight Keystone Master: Season 4. And securing a 1500 rating, unlock “The Draconic” designation.
  • Booty: You’ll be honored with belongings appropriate for a hero during your epic Mythic+ pilgrimage. At the end of your dungeon, expect dynamic armor loot that upgrades as you progress. Furthermore, each week, you can gain access to more awe-inspiring treasures via the Great Vault based on your highest completed keystones. The higher you reach, the bigger the gains!

Mythic+ Dungeon and Great Vault Item Level

The 4th season of Dragonflight is bringing the Mythic+ dungeon, delivering an exciting push for your gear and skill. Furthermore, the greater the difficulty level you overcome dungeons in, the higher quality of loot will be obtained from both individual end-of-dungeon drops and the Great Vault. Here's a quick look at item-level breakdowns by Mythic+ difficulty:

End-of-Dungeon Loot:

  • Level 2-4 Mythic+ Key: 415 Item Level
  • Gear Level 428-437: Mythic +5
  • Mythic+ Key Level 8-10: Item level 441

The Great Vault

The Great Vault allows you to select a high-value reward from Mythic+ Keystones completed over the week. In the table below, we outline the item levels presented in the Great Vault, corresponding to your keystone level.

  • Explorer (completed at least 1 Mythic+ dungeon): Item Level 415-424
  • Adventurer (completed at least 4 Mythic+ dungeons): ilvl
  • Veteran (completed at least 7 Mythic+ dungeons): Item level 441-463
  • Champion (completed at least 10 Mythic+ dungeons): Item Level 454-476
  • Hero (Completed at least 14 Mythic+ dungeons): Item level 467-483
  • Mythic (completed at least 17 Mythic+ dungeons): Item level 480-489

It follows, then, that completing higher Mythic+ keystones earns not only higher-quality end-of-dungeon loot but also a more extensive spread of potential item levels in the Great Vault.

The Great Vault offers item-level rewards with the highest potential in comparison to the items at the end of the dungeons.

Pushing higher key levels allows you to not only improve your character's overall power but also target specific gear slots through the Great Vault selection.

Season 4 Mythic+ Awakened Crests

Mythic+ dungeons add a new form of currency into the mix earned through completing Mythic+ runs—the Awakened Crests. The four tiers:

  • Crest of the Awakened Whelpling: From Mythic 0 dungeons.
  • Drake's Awakened Crest: Awarded upon completion of a Mythic+ Key Level 2-5.
  • Wyrm's Awakened Crest: Awarded from Mythic+ Key levels 6.
  • Aspect's Awoken Crest: Awarded for completing any Mythic+ Dungeon Key Level 10 and above.

Blizzard has yet to unveil what the exact purpose of Awakened Crests is fully. But, most likely, according to past trends, it could be a part of the following:

  • Upgrading Mythic+ Gear: "Awakened Crests" could be used to boost the item level of the received Mythic+ dungeon loot.
  • Purchasing Specific Gear: Just like in previous Mythic+ seasons, "crests" will be used to buy specific pieces of gear from a vendor to help target your desired upgrades.
  • Unlocking more content: It may also be that Awakened Crests are needed to unlock more Mythic+ content or cosmetic rewards further into the season.

Additional Tips:

  • Run Mythic+ dungeons first to practice mechanics and strategies and gradually work up your keystones.
  • Use Mythic+ dungeon guides that go even deeper and look at each enemy's ability, boss encounters, and the tactics you can use to deal with them most effectively.
  • Try discussing the interruption order, roles, and target focusing with your Mythic+ team to improve communication within the group.
  • Also, remember: with this new season, the new currency will tie the latest gear to the system that upgrades your current gear. As always, keep an eye out for more updates from official Blizzard sources.

Master Mythic+ dungeons, and max out your Great Vault to keep your character in the best gear possible before taking on even more formidable challenges in Season 4: Dragonflight.


With the start of Mythic+ Season 4, "The Awakened," there will be much more for players to look forward to. Players can hone their skills wearing player-voted Tier sets, defeat the mythic-level dungeons of all eight Dragonflights, and master the redesigned affix system. All is set and done to make sure that you succeed in the consumables, enchants, and a solid approach. Herein, you shall find in detail the guides in the dungeon, learn to adapt your strategies, and most importantly, communicate with your group mates for the successful run of the Dungeon.

The challenge has been issued to you, heroes! Prove your might against a host of new challenges and join the elites of Mythic+ dungeon runners in Azeroth. Rally your crew and step into Mythic+ Season 4 today!

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