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New Factions WoW Shadowlands 9.1

03 Jul 2021
New Factions WoW Shadowlands 9.1

Experienced players know, but newcomers should take note - each major patch either opens a piece of previously inaccessible territory, or an unknown faction, or sometimes all together. Release of patch 9.1 of WoW Shadowlands will let gamers opportunity to visit a new location - Korthia, as well as raise WoW Shadowlands reputation level of with a new faction:

Archivist Codex - true seekers of knowledge from all corners of universe, which suffered greatly due to attack of the Jailer himself and his army, the consequence of which was the almost total loss of archive collected over thousands of years, and to help restore it is the main task of the heroes of Azeroth.

Death's Advance are combined forces of all covenants of Shadowlands, located in Korhtia and eager to get rid of Jailer power, enlisting help of the heroes. Naturally, good work rewarded with cosmetic effects, equipment, and, of course, mounts! 

Sounds cool, but getting a reward is not so easy - rather opposite. Only in order to open access to the factions, you'll have to pass a huge chain of tasks as the plot, and additional. After that, players see in front of them a relationship scale with Codex, similar to Ve'Nari, and the usual for Advance, which have to work very hard to fill. 

Archivist Codex Ranks and Rewards

There are a total of 6 reputation step, each of which, gives certain rewards and bonuses to speed up obtaining required things, which we tell you about a little later. System of steps of Archivist Codex:

  • Rank 1 - tet after opening a faction and allows you to get a helper to collect Cortia currency as quickly as possible;
  • Rank 2 - let access to a number of tools to speed up collection of relics and Stygia;
  • Rank 3 - allows users to take teleporter repair kit and access to rare zones;
  • Rank 4 - upon reaching it, gamers can buy several craft recipes, as well as an stuff for mini-event;
  • Rank 5 - gives access to appearance of cloak, also opens the possibility to own more Anima from enemies and open previously hidden chests with relics;
  • Rank 6 - it is maximum, for achievement of which there is the widest range of rewards. Heroes offered several things to improve equipment and guides, an stuff that lets a chance to take emblems with the reputation of all WoW Shadowlands factions, several epic gear and, most importantly, a unique flying mounts in collection - Soaring Razorwing.

In addition, Archivist Codex, like any WoW Shadowlands faction, has a reputation for perfection, for every 10,000 of which you own chest, in which users have a chance to discover a pet - Gnashtooth and a cool mount – Tamed Mauler Harness!

Reputation increase with WoW Shadowlands Archivist Codex

As soon as you open access to the faction, players able to collect unique items of the new location - relic fragment, for transfer of which the intendant increase WoW Shadowlands reputation, as well as accumulate unique currency - cataloged research, which is needed to purchase absolutely any stuff from faction Archivist Codex.

They grow very slowly - for 1 fragment heroes receive only 0,5 reputation points. You can acquire fragments for any activity in Korthia, from killing enemies to completing quests. Collection process is extremely slow, which is affected by a number of factors:

  • Huge number of competitors, both peaceful and hostile;
  • Thousands of players flocking to conquer new lands;
  • The difficulty in killing rare and elite opponents, for which frags are, of course, given much more.

In addition, as reputation grows, gamers receive a special task related to finding entire relics, reward for which very significant, and process of search can bring heroes unique battle pets! But that's not all - collected WHOLE set, the lucky one get achievement "Reliquary Restoration", which is part of a larger achievement - "Breaking the Chains", reward for which is a mound called Bracelet of Salarangor!

WoW Shadowlands levels reputation with Death's Advance

As with any other WoW Shadowlands faction, there are four basic and one additional relationship levels, each of which has its own reward.

  • Friendly - allows you to purchase an account-bound container with a random close inside;
  • Honored - opens access to purchase of tools to improve equipment, as well as finding additional sources of Anima;
  • Revered - by reaching specified WoW Shadowlands reputation, users able to buy unique faction mount - Amber Shardhide and a reagent to improve weapons;
  • Exalted - guarantees character discovery of appearance of armor for selected covenant, as well as purchase of a cool riding animal - Winter Wilderling Harness if certain conditions are met.

A nice bonus for WoW Shadowlands ideal reputation - chest, from which you can get not one, but two riding animals - Fierce Razorwing and Beryl Shardhide, which is really rare!

Increasing reputation with Death's Advance

Process of accumulating reputation points with the Advance is almost identical to any other faction, except that there are simply no local quests for this faction, so process can take a long time. Instead, developers have come up with some interesting new options:

  • Weekly quests, whose opponents will be other players;
  • Covenant Attacks - a new unique feature of patch 9.1, adding a whole game scenario, such as in Legion;
  • Weekly Torgast walkthrough with the killing of all elite monsters;
  • Daily quests in Korthia, which, however, are extremely small for normal reputation growth.

Generally speaking, increasing reputation with Death's Advance much harder than with other current factions in game - users need to have a huge amount of patience!

The Extra Rank with Ve'Nari

Surely tens of thousands of players have already up maximum WoW Shadowlands reputation level with Ve'Nari and acquired everything they could. However, Blizzard decided to diversify process a little, and added a brokerage additional opportunity to receive a reward from the Ve'Nari - a reputation of perfection, for which, as usual, gamers receive a chest, which contain gold, various gear, toys, and most interesting - a unique mount named Soulbound Gloomcharger's Reins, which become a real decoration of the collection!

Buy WoW Shadowlands Reputation Boost from ExpCarry

It's always nice when a particular armor, reputation or mount appears to you earlier than others. It's hard to achieve this on your own, but one way out is to buy WoW Shadowlands Reputation Boost for a new faction with its unique items, as well as any of other stuff presented on ExpCarry website in the relevant section!

How does WoW Shadowlands reputation boost work? 

There are only 2 ways: playing on your own under guidance of an experienced ExpCarry gamer, who will indicate best path, location and time to obtain items, or passing your account data to ExpCarry driver, who do all work for you! As a reminder, the account transfer is absolutely safe! 

Why should I up my WoW Shadowlands reputation? 

Reputation - an important aspect of game, raising it to proper level, heroes count on starting items, unique pets and toys, mounts, and ranks, achievements, well, and more detailed information you can always check with ExpCarry managers.

How long does it take to improve my WoW Shadowlands reputation? 

Time depends on complexity, the type of reputation, method of obtaining it and desire of the customer. ExpCarry customers choose from three options: extra fast, medium, or standard!

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