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PvP System WoW Burning Crusade Classic | Expert Review

23 Feb 2023
PvP System WoW Burning Crusade Classic | Expert Review

With the release patch, Burning Crusade greatly changed many aspects of the game, including the battle system, which was redesigned at its core. If the first version of the game PvP system was a single, but in WoW BC it was broken, separating battlegrounds and ranking arenas, added equipment for different currencies, and more.

If you compare HP and AP systems, you see that although their differences are not great, but still significant. Of course, in WoW BC, people pick up the best weapons and armor only for participation in arenas. The system itself has the form shown in the table above.

We definitely say that the system has become much more diverse and broader, honor points and arenas have become a kind of currency on a par with gold, for example:

Honor PointsArena Points
Gained By
Honorable Kills, Battleground Objectives, World PvP objectives
Arena Team Rating
Level Requirement
Reward Item Quality
Common (White) — Epic (Purple)Epic
Reward Level Requirements
Location to Purchase Rewards
Stormwind / Orgrimmar, Various Locations
Area 52/Netherstorm
Team Size
10, 15, 402, 3, 5
Method of Access
World PvP, Battlemasters

WoW TBC Honor Points System

The Main certainly positive change is that now for honor points players simply take and buy epic quality gear without achieving any rating, as it was in WoW Classic.

Get honor points for absolutely any battle activity, whether it's fighting on battlegrounds, killing the leader of a hostile faction, mass battles in the open-world, or 1-on-1 duel. In addition, honor shared equally among all members of a group or raid, the only thing you need is to be near the place of battle.

Merchants, from whom various rewards purchased, are located in faction capitals and will offer both off-sets and set of armor for each class.

WoW TBC Arena Points System

New system and type of battles in general, where 2, 3 or 5 players on each side participate, the reward given once a week. In addition, the higher is the rating of the team, the greater is the reward received by each of the participants.

To create a team, its captain has to pay a small amount of gold, then start his way from 0. This is an innovation introduced in BC, in the burning crusade of 2006 all gamers started with a rating of 1400 and could both increase and decrease the rating.

For AP, gamers purchase epic quality sets, as well as strong weapons that greatly enhance their characters and help them climb to the top of rankings. Some things — shoulders and weapons, users buy only after reaching certain heights. In addition, if the team at the end of the season is among the leaders in the standings, all participants receive a special award. We will tell you more about equipment and ranking awards of the season below.

Arena Points Rewards Burning Crusade

Team members receive AP on Wednesdays each week, which requires playing at least 10 games as a team. Peoples spend awards on cool equipment of epic quality, depending on the season. Moreover, in season 2 equipments of 1st is available discounted, and in 3rd at all sold for currency from battlegrounds.

Armor and its cost in Arena Points:

  • Chest — 1,875;
  • Gloves — 1125;
  • Legs — 1875;
  • Shoulders — 1500, requires a rating of 2000 or higher;
  • Head — 1875.

Average collection time can take several months, especially if the team rating is low. The total cost of the kit is 8250. The amount is simply huge, especially for beginners.

Weapons and their cost in AP:

  • Bow — 3750;
  • Main-hand weapon — from 2625 to 3100 depending on species;
  • Off-hand — 1125;
  • Relics — 1000;
  • Shield — 1875;
  • Two-hand weapon — 3750;
  • Wand — 1000;
  • Thrown — 1000.

Season WoW TBC Rewards and Ranks

For achieving certain heights in the overall ranking, team members receive titles, and the best of the best receive unique flying mounts with a speed of 310%.

  • 35-10% of the first lines of ranking, its members, who played at least 30% of team games, receive the title of “Challenger”;
  • 10-3% of rankings, gamers receive the title of “Rival”;
  • 3-0.5% — title of “Duelist”;
  • 0.5% of the best teams receive the title of “Gladiator”;
  • 0.1% of the table awarded the title of “Infernal Gladiator” — the season 1 arena award.

In addition, for getting into the top half percent, gamers receive a gladiator's riding dragon — Gladiator Netherdrake, whose name and appearance change every new season!

Best Comps for the WoW TBC Arenas

Of course, you can play in absolutely any bundle, but whether it be effective is another question. ExpCarry professional gladiators have compiled a list of the best bindings for various classes. All players need to do is to find a match for your class, write to your manager and buy WoW TBC arena boost!

The 2v2 involves several playable bindings to raise a high ranking:

  • Druid healer and warrior in weapon specialization;
  • Holy paladin and a warrior;
  • Druid healer and warlock;
  • Druid healer and shadow priest;
  • Shaman healer and warlock;
  • Rogue and mage.

The 3v3 is much more challenging and requires strong execution from all participants:

  • Warlock, shadow priest, and shaman;
  • Warrior, hunter, and shaman healer;
  • Rogue, mage, and priest;
  • Warrior, holy paladin, and shaman;
  • Hunter, feral druid, and priest.

5v5 is not the most popular bracket, but according to ExpCarry professionals, it is most fun and interesting regarding combat. There are some of the most popular setups, the game in which will deliver many positive emotions.

  • 5 druids in the balance specialization;
  • 5 rogue in the combat branch;
  • Shadow priest, warlock, elemental shaman, holy paladin, and druid healer.

PvP Mounts WoW TBC

In addition to battleground WoW mounts, obtained by long and persistent visits to various battlefields, the number of which is 5 for each side:


  • Black War Tiger;
  • Black War Ram;
  • Black Battlestrider;
  • Black War Steed Bridle;
  • Black War Elekk.


  • Black War Raptor;
  • Black War Kodo;
  • Black War Wolf;
  • Swift Warstrider;
  • Red Skeletal Warhorse.

And one common for each faction — Dark War Talbuk, there is the object of a dream of all players. Vengeful Gladiator Netherdrake, which, as we said, to earn is extremely difficult and requires not only a lot of effort but also a mountain of experience in the game arena because it is obtained there.

World PvP Burning Crusade

The entire area of Outland filled with various items, the control of which gives various advantages to the party controlling them. For example, enhancements for the entire faction, as well as interesting equipment items. These objects located in several zones.

Hellfire Peninsula contains 3 towers, controlling which gives an increase in damage to the entire faction, as a currency that is used to purchase items in the Honor Hold or Thrallmar.

Zangarmarsh also has 3 ruins, which you'll have to fight for. Nice bonus — buff and ability to revive and trade for special currency.

In Terrokar Forest placed 5 towers, for which at times there is a real war. Controlling all of them gives the winning side a buff in the form of increased damage and experience, as well as the ability to collect Spirit Shards, for which you purchase valuable rewards.

Nagrand gives gamers the opportunity to take control of a ruined city, after which side receives help from its inhabitants, as well as the ability to trade within.

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