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Sanctum of Domination — New Raid WoW Shadowlands 9.1

08 Nov 2021
Sanctum of Domination — New Raid WoW Shadowlands 9.1

Six months have passed since the addition of the Dark Lands in-game and now, the developers have announced the sanctum of domination release date. Which will add to the game many interesting innovations, PvP and PvE content, as well as mounts, pets, and achievements. Perhaps most significant event — opening of a 9.1 raid, WoW Sanctum of Domination. Like other raids, it will be available in 4 difficulties:

  • Normal — Sanctum of Domination release date is July 6 for anyone who wants to learn the secrets of the Shadowlands and the banshee queen herself!
  • Heroic difficulty also is available from July 6, but as a rule, the first thing to master is professional guilds, and only after — all other users. Well, and to defeat the last boss, have to make a lot of effort.
  • Mythic — the sanctum of domination release date July 13 for this difficulty, that is, a week later, which is, of course, pretty fast and is unlikely the TOP guilds ready for this development, not to mention the ordinary characters.
  • Raid finder, on the other hand, opens gradually. First wing — July 13, second — July 27, part three — August 10, and last — August 24.

Now it's worth focusing on what to expect from the new Raid Patch 9.1, from several bosses to achievements.

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Sanctum of Domination Raid Bosses

The number of bosses is, as before, independent of difficulty level and equals 10 in this case. Some are harder, some are easier, but overall Sanctum has turned out to be a pretty challenging raid. Let's get to know each boss in detail:

  • Tarragrue is the Jailer's own chain dog, which has guarded the cursed halls since their creation and is ready to trample any uninvited guests;
  • Eye of the Jailer — is actually Odin's eye, which he voluntarily gave up to observe the world of Shadowlands; however, Jailer used this artifact for his purposes;
  • Nine, winged sentinels who were assigned by Jailer himself to guard Sylvanas, are willing to do nothing, even their lives, as long as they do their master's bidding;
  • Remnant of Ner'zul is the remains of the first lich king to fail on Azeroth, chained forever in armor and doomed to suffer for his failure. However, this soul is willing to share its torment with uninvited guests;
  • Soulrender Dormazain has for centuries extracted Anima from the strongest captives of Torgast, and she has not met in a thousand years one whose strength she has not broken. The stronger the soul, the more Anima go-to fuel Jailer's army;
  • Painsmith Raznal is a true master, practiced in the art of torture and trap making for centuries. The moans of his victims are music to his ears;
  • Guardian of the First Ones — creature literally kidnapped by Prisoners to guard secrets forbidden to all mortals, even at the cost of his life;
  • Fatescribe Ro-Kalo guardian of millions of secrets captured and enslaved for the sole purpose of writing the very fate of the Shadowlands;
  • Kel'thuzad — a great necromancer who has earned a place at the head of River of Souls, which gives him unlimited power. All the actions he has taken have led to one finale. This finale;
  • Sylvanas Windrunner — Between the forces of light and the Jailer stands only Sylvanas the banshee queen, ready to give her all her strength to carry out the original plan!

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Sanctum of Domination Loot 

As mentioned earlier, there are a total of 4 difficulty levels, and each corresponds to a different level of loot sanctum of domination ilvl:

  • Using raid finder, users count on a maximum of 220th level of equipment;
  • After passing the normal difficulty level gamers raise items of level 233;
  • Heroic gives the opportunity to pick up equipment up to level 246;
  • The mythic difficulty allows heroes to take things at least level 252.

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Sanctum of Domination Gear 

The reward for killing bosses in Sanctum of Domination is equipment items of 4 types, as well as weapons and accessories for all classes. There are hundreds of possible variations, but we'll talk about the BiS items in our opinion.

Sanctum of Domination Weapons:

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Sanctum of Domination Armor

There is no point in describing individual items of armor — there are hundreds of variants, and characteristics required by gamers depend on certain situations. In general, absolutely every game class receives an excellent Sanctum of Domination set of armor, which, in addition to strong bonuses, has a great look, completely underlining the style of addition 9.1. As before, the color of the armor depends on the difficulty of the raid, and in mythical mode, armor has special cosmetic effects.

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Sanctum of Domination Trinkets:

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Sanctum of Domination Mounts

Opening of the new WoW raid in patch 9.1 brought, of course, not only new armor and weapons but also as many as 3 varieties of Mounts, which players with the proper desire and luck get. 

Vengeance — a truly unique sanctum of domination WoW mount, which can be obtained only one way — by killing Lady Sylvanas on mythic difficulty. It's scary to imagine how rare these mounts become, especially in the early months. Its owners probably gain “pro” status according to other players.

Sanctum Gloomcharger — ground mounts sanctum of domination WoW, as having an entirely unique model, which you take only by killing third in line boss — Nine, on any mode. The chance of falling out is tiny, about 2%, so mounts also be super rare in the collection.

Hand of Hrestimorak — unlike the previous ones, you can't knock out his mount, gamers only earn it by completing a very difficult achievement — «Glory of the Sanctum Raider». Which, in turn, consists of a dozen other achievements from an entire raid.

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Sanctum of Dominion Battle Pets

The new raid dungeon is not without several types of battle pets, which is pleasant news for avid collectors. In-game added 4 copies, which are hard to get:

  • Eye of Allseeing — users get it with a very low chance by killing the 2nd boss in Sanctum of Domination;
  • Eye of Extermination — also obtained from the 2nd boss, only on mythic difficulty and has much more noticeable coloring;
  • Irongrasp — with low chance, obtained by killing the 5th boss in Sanctum of Domination on any difficulty;
  • Mawsworn Minion — Obtainable from Kel'Tuzad, penultimate raid boss, on any difficulty level. Chance is very, very low, so it's going to be a real hunt.

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Sanctum of Domination Achievements

For several years now, World of Warcraft has had a system of great feats for certain things, such as killing the final bosses within a certain time frame. Of course, Sanctum is no exception — players get 2 great feats here:

  • Ahead of the Curve: Sylvanas Windrunner — heroes can get by killing Sylvanas on top of Sanctum in heroic mode before the next content add-on released;
  • Cutting Edge: Sylvanas Windrunner — a reward for the few who manage to defeat Lady Sylvanas in mythical mode before the next patch starts. In addition, this achievement grants a unique title, Breaker of Chains.

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In addition, for completing the entire raid, in addition to standard achievements for killing bosses at all levels of difficulty — 30 in total. Anyone takes achievements needed for «Glory of the Sanctum Raiders», where players rewarded with the cool mount we talked about above.

There are as many as 10 such achievements, exactly the number of bosses available, and earning them won't be easy, to say the least:

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At this point, the review of the main in our opinion innovation patch 9.1 is finished, we hope you were interested. See you soon.

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