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What to do at level 70 in WoW TBC?

23 Feb 2023
What to do at level 70 in WoW TBC?

Finally, maximum level is reached, the scale is stopped, a huge world is ahead, but what to do in it? From the variety of choices around head goes around: what do you need first to conquer Dark Portal? What gear to gather in first place? What reputation is important? Whether to hold battles in the open world, or better to focus on visiting battlegrounds or arenas, to focus on the passage of dungeons or choose raids? There are a lot of questions, and we help to sort them out!

Farm reputation with Factions

Game counts at last additions about 20 different rep, which raise to the limit everyone has a chance, especially when take out maximum lvl. Some factions praise the hero only for killing hundreds of enemies, others — for fulfillment of countless tasks, or thousands of specific items. Undoubtedly, this process drag on for a long period and reaching the next reputation be a real victory. 

In addition to tabards there is an opportunity to get gamer unique rewards:

  • Thrallmar for Horde, or Honor Hold for Alliance offer key required to open heroic inst mode of Hellfire Citadel;
  • Cenarion Expedition let access to key for vaults of Coilfang Reservoir, as well as purchase of WoW TBC's flying mountain — Cenarion war hippogryph;
  • Lower City let access to heroic vaults mode of Auchindoun when reach the right rep threshold;
  • Keepers of Time help gain access to heroic versions of the Caves of Time after reaching reverence from them;
  • ShaTar unlock option to visit dungeons of Tempest Keep in heroic difficulty;
  • Kurenai for Alliance, Mag'Har for Horde at proper value of WoW TBC reputation sell interesting sled animals – Talbuks in 4 colors;
  • Sha'Thari Sky Guard at last lvl of rep open opportunity to buy flying mounts – Nether Rays in different colors;
  • Netherwings — 1 of the most difficult reputations of patch 2.4.3., by raising it, characters count on a unique flying mound – Netherwing Drake in 6 colors.
  • Aldors or Scryers — most interesting in terms of WoW TBC reputation faction, as gamers decide and raise only one of them, and each faction has its own special awards, so should choose wisely.

Opening accesses together with increasing rep is 1 of priority tasks after take out maximum lvl because without this, it is simply impossible to get better equipment, and some content simply pass by. In process of opening there is a chance to acquire various stuff of gear and not only.

Hence, the conclusion: up all reputations let opportunity to gather a good outfit, earn gold and many other items, including sled animals.

Character TBC Professions

Professions are almost as important as leveling up. For example, by taking specialty of leatherworking and skinning, any rogue/druid/hunter/shaman, with proper persistence and period expenditure, create themselves excellent equipment, which in some cases be stronger than gear from vaults.

People, for example, get two collecting professions — skinning, mining and herbalism, to mine a ton of resources and sell them to other gamers, thereby earning gold and buying everything required at auction.

Other than main professions, there are minor ones: first aid, fishing and cooking. This specialty is useful to any gamer because they let certain bonuses, as well as extremely valuable in raids, where every unit of characteristics is counted. Fishing is easily echoed with cooking, and the first aid – an exceptional choice for PvP as on battlegrounds and arenas.

For a full list of professions with bonuses, see below:

  • Jewelcrafting — allows creating not only excellent accessories for any class, but also BiS rings, as well as gems to strengthen the clothes, or sell at auction, this specialty is 1 of the most profitable;
  • Alchemy — creation of various elixirs and tinctures enhancing a hero in PvE content, also making accessories and consumables for other professions, probably the second most profitable;
  • Blacksmithing — creation of plate and weapons for any specialization, adding sockets for gems, and, of course, selling the finished stuff at auction;
  • Enchanting — putting cool enhancements on your rings, giant demand from other heroes, especially when finding rare recipes, is on the list of the best specialty for gold mining;
  • Engineering — a few gauntlet enhancements, the ability to create a pre-BiS helmet early in game, and, of course, a recipe for flying mounts – Flying Machine and Turbo-Charged Flying Machine;
  • Leatherwork — along with Blacksmithing allows creating clothes for respective classes, as well as overlays, which be very profitable to sell. Tanners themselves put a powerful reinforcement on their armor, which has no analogues;
  • Herbalism — a companion profession to Alchemy, which is rather lucrative given a certain amount of period;
  • Mining — a profession for Blacksmithing, Jewelcrafting and Engineering, required for extraction of material, which, by the way, be profitable to sell;
  • Skinning is a second profession for Leatherworking, needed to collect hides from animals, after which they be put to work or sold;
  • Tailoring — a unique profession, which is often got together with enchanting because no special reagents are required – fabric falls from dead enemies across Azeroth. Required to create clothing magical classes, also provides the opportunity to impose a powerful enhancement on cloak, well, and sell gear, of course;
  • Cooking — an indispensable profession, as cooked food gives nice bonuses to the whole group;
  • First Aid — an excellent choice of PvP users, thanks to it create bandages that be used anywhere;
  • Fishing — an occupation for mining materials, which, by way, be profitable to sell at auction.

Badges and Marks TBC Farm

If people want to simply kill time in game, it is absolutely no problem to be engaged in mining a variety of resources, ranging from gold – the game's main currency, ending with consumable items to create things. In addition, gamers are available to several specific currencies, providing the opportunity to purchase gear and even unique Mounts.

For example, Horde and Alliance factions have the option to buy cool transports – Rains of the Dark Riding Talbuk and Rains of the Dark War Talbuk – for Halaa Battle Tokens and Halaa Research Tokens.

In Honor Hold and Thrallmar for Mark of Honor Hold or Mark of Thrallmar, any user buy good PvP-oriented stuff.

From each individual battlegrounds, of which in Patch 2.4.3 there are four, fall appropriate marks of honor: Alterac Valley, Arathi Basin, Warsong Gulch, Eye of Storm, for which users buy battle equipment, as well as battle mounts in their factions.

A separate type of currency for farming – Glowcap and Spirit Shards, collecting which gamers have the option to become owners of certain types of armor, rings, and expendable items.

Badges of Justice – 1 of main currencies for farming, for which most epic armor are purchased. 

WoW TBC PvP Direction

One of main areas of game – battle system, which includes several types of currencies – Honor Points and Arena Points, battlegrounds tokens. Technically, it can be called endless – after getting, the 70th spend at least 24 hours a day fighting with representatives of other factions. Champions rewarded with resilience equipment, consumables, and riding animals, as well as unique ranks.

Arena Rating

Arenas – a new addition 2.4.3, where the battle groups of 2, 3 or 5 people are gathered beforehand. Rating changes both ways, and the reward given in form of Arena Points every Wednesday and depends on the height that team has reached. To buy a PvP weapon, fighters need a rating of 1850 in the arena, and for shoulder 2000.

There's no end to improving your ranking, but require time and the right partners. Collecting a full armor set takes a huge amount of time and effort – not a great thing to do after reaching level 70. Furthermore, users always try your hand at achieving a rating Gladiator, for which laid the special reward in form of not only a unique title, but also stands out against the other mounds – Gladiator Netherdrake, which has a speed of 310%.


The system in patch 2.4.3 has been heavily redesigned, making combat relatively new to all players. You can go to battlegrounds almost immediately, but it is most effective at level 70. The gamer should be prepared to be met by much better prepared players.

Reward for battle is Honor Points, as well as badges for respective battlegrounds, giving right to acquire items, becoming noticeably stronger, which will facilitate game itself and combat mounts. Of course, this process can take tens or hundreds of days, so it can safely be called one of the main activities.

Battles in Outdoor of Azeroth

In current addition PvP objects added, control of them lets the winning faction several advantages, ranging from increased characteristics, ending with a chance to trade with special NPC. 

PvP is 1 of the most fun activities in game. For example, choose rogue class and do all sorts of damage to other players, remaining in shadows. Or visit the enemy's capital, make some noise there and hide from enraged peoples of another faction, or even gather a full-scale group on the cities, scrubbing everything in your way. And, of course, for honorable victories in open world players get Honor Points, which allow you to take out equipment.

Dungeons and Raids

Battle with hundreds of monsters – second side of coin called World of Warcraft, which everyone decided. Moreover, that everyone be able to pick up difficulty of his skill and lvl of items.

Complete all WoW Burning Crusade dungeons

Unlike heroic versions, regular versions dungeons are available almost immediately, so why not go through all the available ones? This option is useful when take out maximum level for many reasons:

  1. Not a bad chance to upgrade the character's equipment;
  2. Increase in skill of playing in a group in general and understanding of tactics in this or that dungeon in particular;
  3. An increase in reputation with factions, dungeon belongs to;
  4. Opening up access to heroic mode.

Most WoW dungeons are not particularly difficult, will require a lot of time, so closing them is a great starter activity for any gamer.

Each class and each role has a certain set of BiS and pre-BiS equipment, which maximize strength of character to conquer content, both upcoming and available at the moment. It is impossible to get BiS at once, but it is quite a realistic task to collect pre-BiS, having closed all the content before visiting dungeons. It is necessary to pass not only the dungeons of normal and heroic difficulty, but also to gain reputation with the various factions, as well as to create things on their own. 

Raid Runs

Of course, most of the actual raids are simply unavailable at first for several reasons, but there are 2 that are available once a character gets maximum level —these are Maghteridon Lair and Gruul Lair. To take out into these all can immediately, though required to find right group, but it's rather a matter of time.

Rewards are great armor items that last a long time and raid experience along with dozens of other players. Going through raids is one of the best things to do when reaching maximum level, which is ideally done every week!

To get access to Karazhan, the third of the available raids, users must not only unlock access to many dungeons, up reputation, but also perform a long chain of tasks.

At moment Karazhan is the most difficult available with most powerful reward, in addition to that inside drop tokens for gloves and helmets of T4 range, which is necessary for every self-respecting raider. In addition to set items, lucky raiders will receive powerful items, some of which we'll tell you about below:

  • The Fiery Warhorse Reins are a separate loot item, as this is the only means of transportation that is obtained in Karazhan. It falls from Attune, along with a good weapon - Steelhawk Crossbow, and a recipe – Schematic: Stabilized Eternium Scope;
  • From Moroes drops the accessory Moroes Lucky Pocket Watch, Emerald Ripper Dagger, and a valuable recipe – Formula: Enchant Weapon – Mongoose;
  • The Maiden of Virtue reward heroes with a Shard of Virtuous hammer, a set of gloves, and a Totem of Healing Rains for shamans;
  • From Opera can get a powerful axe Legacy, Big Bad Wolves Paw and Wolfslayer Sniper Rifle, as well as some pants and accessories;
  • A staff of Infinite Mysteries and a set of shoulder pads are obtained from the Curator;
  • Terestian Illhoof is not main boss, but Lightning Capacitor BiS accessory for casters;
  • Shade of Aran award Pendant of the Violet Eye, Saberclaw Talisman and Aran's Soothing Sapphire;
  • Netherspite drop the Spiteblade, Jewel of Infinite Possibilities, and the Mithril Band of the Unscarred;
  • From Chess can take Kings Defender for tanks, the Triptych Shield of the Ancients for healers, the Ring of Recurrence for casters;
  • From the last boss, Prince Malchezaar, champions own many weapons, like Malchazeen, Gorehowl, The Decapitator, Sunfury Bow of the Phoenix;
  • From the hidden boss, Nightbane, champions pick up Nightstaff of the Everliving, Shield of Impenetrable Darkness, and the Talisman of Nightbane.

The list of loot is not limited to this – we have presented only the best of the items for different classes!

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