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What's New in WoW Burning Crusade Classic 2.5.2 Phase 2?

23 Feb 2023
What's New in WoW Burning Crusade Classic 2.5.2 Phase 2?

Developer Blizzard has promised to add content WoW Burning Crusade Classic 2.5.2 in 5 phases, and 2 of them are about to begin! If we believe official announcement, patch release date, called «Overlords of Outland» scheduled for September 15, and it brings decent amount of content in PvE and PvP components of game.

Heroes will be able to visit 2 new raids — «Serpentshrine Cavern» and «The Eye», where they encounter Illidan's most dangerous minions — Lady Vashj and Kael'thas Sunstrider. Armor kits, weapons and accessories, unique mounts, a host of recipes and much more prepared for users. There be daily quests for factions Ogri'La and Sha’tari Skyguard, increasing reputation with which you become the owner of some items and WoW TBC flying mounts.

In PvP, however, another season begin, which means that thousands of characters rush into battle, trying to win a high rank and get the most powerful equipment items. Bravest can compete for main upcoming PvP season award — gladiator title and awesome WoW Burning Crusade flying mount with a 310% flight speed.

Changes appear not only in terms of content. Added long-awaited guild banks, where characters put as consumable items, and currency — this greatly facilitate gathering process for upcoming battles and noticeably unload player’s bags. Looking for a group, to not only jointly conquer dungeons and level up, but also perform missions and any activity in general, be even easier — developers announced addition of system «Group Browser Tool», where you always easily staff a group.

Blizzard has not overlooked dozens of bugs and flaws that are currently present. In total, game engine World of Warcraft TBC made more than 20 fixes, we highlight only main in our opinion:

  • If earlier, shaman totems could quickly kill with special macros, now it is not possible to do so;
  • fixed a bug in connection with some symbols, that caused many spells used in macros incorrectly;
  • fixed a bug that made arena commands tab show rating with delay or not show at all;
  • fixed a bug where crafting effects accessories and statuettes created by jewelers that were triggered or activated under certain conditions would sometimes stop working before their expiration date;
  • fixed a bug where macros containing /cast command didn't work properly after being used very regularly;
  • players would no longer be able to neutralize damage dealt by the Shadow Word: Death response macros.

Obviously, a huge fixes part to make lives of PvP games much better, and the battle process more honest.

Detailed PvE content changes in WoW Burning Crusade Phase 2

The most significant change is the addition of 2 raids, the Serpentshrine Cavern and The Eye. Getting into them is not easy — you have to end a long mission’s chain. This process is quite lengthy and involves visiting many other WoW Burning Crusade Classic dungeons, access to which must also be unlocked. Chains started before the character reaches maximum level, but to complete the latter stages, you need a level 70 and a strong allies group. The fact is that hundreds of elite opponents and even a few bosses must be defeated along the way. Completing some quests make easier if there is a teammate in group who has previously gained access to:

  • Shadow Labyrinth;
  • Shattered Halls;
  • The Arcatraz.

However, ending remaining missions is strictly mandatory for each gamer and there is no way to skip them. But first things first.

Serpentshrine Cavern Raid

A new raid, available in «Overlords of Outland» patch, where heroes encounter Lady Vashj and her minions. Located in Zangarmarsh, in Coilfang Reservoir, Cavern requires level 70 and good equipment, as well as a long mission list to finish.

To begin, heroes must enter Slave Pens in heroic mode — this requires a key, which can only obtained by raising reputation level with the relevant faction. Inside it requires taking a task, then getting into first main WoW TBC Classic raids — Karazhan, which accessed after ending a huge quests list.

In Karazhan, champions must kill a hidden boss, Nightbane, which also requires completing several tasks to summon. Once killed, it's required to get to Gruul's lair and defeat same name boss, only then heroes enter new World of Warcraft Burning Crusade raid — Serpentshrine Cavern, consisting of 6 bosses.

Loot drops items from level 128 to 141, craft recipes for all WoW professions, badges of justice and tier 4 tokens that allow heroes to buy armor set pieces.

The Eye Raid

Second raid in patch 2.5.2, where horde and alliance champions face off against one of the most famous World of Warcraft's characters, Kael'thas Sunstrider and his underlings. Entrance located in Netherstorm, and can only reach by flying mount — this is the first prerequisite. It only is assessed at level 70 with a well-equipped 25 people group, the Eye is the hardest raid currently available. Additionally, to gain access inside, gamers must complete several challenging quests, which take weeks to end.

Tasks begin in Shadowmoon Valley, which requires defeating several elite foes. About 25 tasks await the character next, including searching for items, characters, battling enemies and more.

After completing the entire huge tasks list, the heroes receive another quests chain from Khadgar. To finalise quests, users must complete 3 dungeons in heroic mode:

  • Shattered Halls -Trial of the Naaru: Mercy;
  • Steamvaults or Shadow Labyrinth — Trial of the Naaru: Strength;
  • Arcatraz -Trial of the Naaru: Tenacity.

Thereafter, players have got to Magtheridon's Lair and kill the boss of the same name. Upon completion of all tasks stages, players receive The Tempest key, which opens doors to the Eye. Inside, there are 4 bosses to defeat, including Keal'thas.

Defeating opponents bring faction champions equipment from level 128 to 141, recipes for some professions and tokens from 5th tier to obtain set armor items. In addition, a special reward awaits lucky ones — Ashes of Al'Ar, a unique WoW flying mounts with a speed of 310%.

Detailed PvP content changes in Burning Crusade 2.5.2

There are no such global changes in PvP plan, but each added patch symbolizes the first arena season end and beginning of the next. First thing worth mentioning is that all World of Warcraft 1st arena season PvP equipment items be available for purchase for Honor Points — WoW TBC Classic currency, which is obtained on conventional battlegrounds and in PvP battles in open world.

Season 2 equipment is also available for Arena Points, which are more difficult to collect since you need to fight in 2v2, 3v3 or 5v5 arenas. WoW TBC arenas — an element that has remained unchanged in terms of quantity, there are 3 in total:

  • Ring of Trials in Nagrand;
  • Ring of Blood in Ostrogory;
  • Ruins of Lordaeron in Undercity.

As before, the main reward for arena battles fans is a rank and a unique WoW Burning Crusade flying mount. In season 2, the gamers at the top of the ranking table receive Merciless Gladiator title and corresponding mount — Merciless Netherdrake. Both of these awards are indeed prestigious and worth effort.

Overall results and ExpCarry expert opinion

Every patch causes a stir among players. Some keep playing hard, while others try to get their character upgraded as soon as possible or finish certain tasks beforehand. According to ExpCarry, in patch 2.5.1 anticipation, it is a great idea to prepare your character for the new patch: up profession and collecting ingredients, getting equipment for a comfortable game and access to new battles, it is not unreasonable to sharpen your skills in PvP.

If the question arises: «Play or not», then the answer is one — play for sure! Each released patch — it's not only an opportunity to cool dress your hero, but also to learn another piece of history Azeroth and its inhabitants.

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