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WoW The Burning Crusade Pre-Patch

02 Nov 2021
WoW The Burning Crusade Pre-Patch

For fans and just players of World of Warcraft, it is no secret that the Burning Crusade pre-patch add-on is not far off. What will bring the tbc classic to the expanses of Azeroth? This is one of the most pressing questions because after the pre-patch will follow the main add-on — the burning crusade. What, how and when — ExpCarry experts will try to answer below.

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WoW TBC pre-patch innovations

Let's start with the most pleasant thing in the burning crusade — the new skill tree, which allows the previously weak characters relating to the others to open up in full force without waiting for the TBC. According to the booster site ExpCarry, the pre-patch is a breath of fresh air for veterans and a reason to discover something new for newcomers.

However, despite this change, the WoW TBC Boost is still relevant because the difficulty of leveling is not going anywhere, rather the opposite — the new skills push aggressive PvP players to “test”, which is very difficult for newcomers.

Another undoubtedly pleasant innovation — simplification of the process of obtaining a riding animal. Now the opportunity to get a four-legged friend will have gamers tbc classic with level 30, and the purchase price is 35 gold pieces. In addition, the burning crusade will reduce the price of the skill “fast ride”. 

Of course, the bonus is nice, but again — for the beginner is not particularly useful. Therefore, ExpCarry experts offer WoW TBC boost services on the same terms as before. In addition, the services of a particular riding animal are available for purchase.

Seasoned players are well aware, and for newcomers, it may come as a surprise — with the introduction of tbc classic pre-patch all characters universally will receive a buff that gives additional percent of experience during the leveling. This innovation, in ExpCarry's opinion, is really useful and extremely relevant because getting a character to the maximum level in the burning crusade will noticeably accelerate.

However, as nice as it sounds, up to the maximum level in the burning crusade classic — not an easy task, despite the bonus experience. The gap between getting the 30-40th level and the maximum is simply monstrous. Buying WoW TBC Boost, you can be sure that your character will not only get the maximum level, but will do it much faster than expected — ExpCarry guarantee.

Of course, the WoW burning crusade pre-patch was not without the addition of races. So, for example, in tbc classic the Alliance will get at its disposal a race of Drenaeus - the ancient inhabitants of the lands behind the dark portal, which can choose classes: paladin, warrior, priest, mage, hunter, shaman. In addition, starting locations and the capital of this race will be added.

Horde in TBC will have access to the Blood Elves — insidious cousins of the dark elves, true aristocrats of the world of WoW. This race can choose the following classes: paladin, mage, priest, rogue, warlock, hunter, and warrior. Naturally, there will also be new starting locations and the capital of the blood elves.

You can buy WoW TBC boost for representatives of new races. Pro ExpCarry will help you become the owner of one of the first characters of the new race on the server.

And finally, in the burning crusade classic will be possible to choose new classes for the factions of the Horde and Alliance. Now the Horde will be able to play the paladins, selecting the race of blood elves, and the Alliance can finally choose a class of shaman for the race of drenei. According to ExpCarry this innovation will make the gameplay more diverse and exciting for both newcomers and experienced players of WoW burning crusade.

Buy WoW TBC Boost is also available for new classes in each faction. Our pros will help you quickly raise the level of your new shaman for the alliance, or paladin for the horde.

Preparing players for the Burning Crusade pre-patch

Tens of thousands of players, and ExpCarry experts, believe that it is necessary to prepare for the release of The Burning Crusade in advance. The more so pre-patch tbc gives such a possibility — an increased amount of experience, new skill branches, making the leveling and boost faster, reduced requirements for obtaining riding animals, finally, new classes and races. Pre-patch — the perfect time to experiment with classes and skills, and boost WoW TBC will help any willing gamer to implement plans.

Upgrading professions in burning crusade is one of the most important things to do in pre-patch. At least because, soon low-demand professions will become popular, thousands of players will swing them, and this means only one thing: increased competition among gamers.

In the pre-patch WoW TBC, there will be jewelry making — a new kind of crafting, which is valued at high levels. It will be possible to develop it up to 300 units, which, by the way, is very, very difficult.

Buy any of the professions in the burning crusade is possible on the ExpCarry website. Our pros will quickly bring the skill to the possible maximum in pre-patch, as well as in the realities of the burning crusade.

Preparing for the campaign in the dark portal — a thing responsible, the enemies are much stronger and have many unpleasant features. So, the selection of equipment for your class and expendable items is critical and can greatly ease your life. Top guilds in advance collect thousands of consumables to the bank, dress players in the best things, so that as soon as possible to start conquering the expanses of the new addition.

Of course, this option is also available to ordinary players, but it's much harder to do. In this case, ExpCarry's WoW TBC Boost will come to your aid. Our boosters will quickly collect the necessary items and consumable items, making your trek through the Outlander easier.

Pre-order and buy WoW the burning crusade

As such, there is no TBC pre-order — the game is conditionally free, you only need a paid subscription to the main version of the game. It is not necessary to buy the current version of WoW — you can play the burning crusade anyway. However, the deluxe version of the add-on is available for purchase, and includes:

  • a unique riding animal, effect for the stone of return, a toy, giving your character the Illidan Steps effect;
  • a pass to the dark portal, upgrading the 1st character to the level 58, 30 days of game time for any version of the game.

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