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Great Vault in Dragonflight Guide

21 Dec 2022
Great Vault in Dragonflight Guide

Great Vault — a special kind of award, which appeared a few years ago in the game World of Warcraft and is of particular value to gamers. The only reason for this is the particularly high level of the item that is contained there. Yes, it is only one, or rather — nine to choose from, if all the conditions are met. Inside you can earn weapons from raid boss with high item level, dragon armor for any slot of the body and cool trinkets which will increase the power of the character. The reward is updated every week, remember that and don't forget to pick it up. We'll tell you about that next. 

To unlock all the rewards inside the Great Vault, you'll need to fulfill the pre-known conditions in 3 areas of the game. These are:

  • Passing raids and defeat some raid bosses;
  • Passing mythic+.
  • Participating in rated PvP.

In this article, the ExpCarry team will elaborate on each aspect, so you can determine exactly what appeals to you. Just make your choices.

Mythic Dungeons Great Vault in Dragonflight

One based possible way to get a reward at the end of the week is to complete the mythic+ keys, but first we need to find a strong group. The higher the difficulty, the stronger the item the character will receive on Wednesday of each week. The rest is very simple:

  • By completing 1 mythic+ dungeon, a character will receive 1 item;
  • After completing 4 such dungeons, the character gets a choice of 2 items;
  • After completing 8 mythic+ keys – will be able to select from 3 items of equipment.

The level of the offered gear directly depends on the complexity of the past key. The higher it is, the steeper the reward. Below, we have prepared a convenient table for World of Warcraft Dragonflight patch items:

Keystone level rewardsRewards in dungeonsWeekly Great Vault

Raid Great Vault in Dragonflight

The second possible way to get the weekly loot is to kill a certain number of bosses in the raid Vault of the Incarnates. The dependence here is also absolutely simple and clear:

  • After defeating 2 bosses in a VotI raid, the hero gets 1 item;
  • For killing 5 bosses in Vault of the Incarnates, the hero gets a choice of 2 cool items;
  • After defeating 8 different Vault of the Incarnates bosses, a choice of 3 items for the character becomes available.

In this case, the level of equipment depends on the difficulty on which all the bosses were defeated. The higher the difficulty, the cooler the item can be found in the chest at the end of the week.

PvP Great Vault in Dragonflight

The last option to get a weekly award, but already in the PvP segment, is to participate in battles with other players. It doesn't matter how the character fights – it's important to accumulate a certain amount of Honor Points, but they give a lot more for a rated win, also you save time. The formula is simple:

  • Earning 1,250 Honor Points in a week will give the player only 1 thing to choose from;
  • After earning 2,500 Honor Points, the player will get a choice of 2 units;
  • And finally, for 5,000 Honor Points, the player will get a choice of 3 items.

In this case, the level of awards directly depends on the highest rating that was achieved during the current week. The higher the rating of the hero in PvP, the higher the ilvl rewards.

Great Vault Alternative Rewards in WoW Dragonflight

If none of the awards have aroused interest, there is always the possibility of getting the deserved award in an alternative way. Every character can get an Aspect's Token of Merit depending on the number of completed activities and exchange it for certain items from the character Events. A choice of items is available:

  • Storm-Charged Manipulator for 6 Aspects Token of Merit, which allows you to add a socket to items of equipment;
  • Primal Chaos Cluster for 3 Aspects Token of Merit, which contains Primal Chaos reagent needed for crafting professions.

By the way, the amount of Aspect's Token of Merit depends on the number of completed activities for the week. Read more:

  • For 1 mythic+, 2 boss kills, and 1250 Honor Points, you get 2 Aspects Token of Merit;
  • 4 mythic+, 4 boss kills and 2,500 Honor Points result in 4 Aspects Token of Merit;
  • 8 mythic+, 8 boss kills and 5000 Honor Points give 6 Aspects Token of Merit.

Always choose an award based on your objectives. Therefore, the ExpCarry team believes that the character should cover as much content as possible. This will not only diversify the reward pool, but also increase interest and enjoyment of the game.

We hope the information was helpful to you. Subscribe to us to keep up to date and not miss anything interesting.

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