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How to Get New Mounts in WoW Dragonflight 10.2

09 Nov 2023
How to Get New Mounts in WoW Dragonflight 10.2

In the enthralling expanses of World of Warcraft, the Dragonflight 10.2 patch orchestrates a novel narrative for the mount enthusiasts, unfurling a vast array of mystical steeds ready to be tamed by the worthy. As the lore of Azeroth spirals into new tales, avid adventurers are beckoned to delve into diverse quests, each being a gateway to the coveted new mounts. This comprehensive guide aims to elucidate the pathways leading to these majestic mounts, blending insights from authentic sources and in-game content.

Emerald Dream Mounts

The Emerald Dream, a vast, ever-changing, spiritual realm in World of Warcraft, plays a significant role in the new Dragonflight 10.2 patch, introducing a series of unique mounts that players can acquire. These mounts embody the ethereal and verdant essence of the Emerald Dream. Here's a more detailed breakdown of how to acquire these majestic mounts within the realm of the Emerald Dream:

Purchasable Mounts

  • Vendors: In the heart of the Emerald Dream, you will find two vendors, Sylvia & Whisperbloom. They reside in different locations within the dream:
  • Talisa Whisperbloom: Located in the Central Encampment, with coordinates /way 49.78, 62.12.
  • Sylvia Whisperbloom: Found in the Wildling Garden, with coordinates /way 59.75, 16.89.
  • Currency: The currency required to purchase these mounts is Seedbloom, which is earned by completing Emerald Bounties. These bounties involve nurturing the Dreamseed Soil, where you will grow three different types of seed: common, rare, and epic seed. Upon successful cultivation, you'll be rewarded with Seedbloom. However, note that as per the PTR (Public Test Realm) details, the rewarding of Seedbloom is subjected to change.

Mount Selection:

Dream Infusion Vendor Mounts

  • To access these mounts, players must first reach Renown 5 with the Dream Wardens.
  • Additionally, owning a mount with a similar model is a prerequisite.
  • Currency: Dream Infusion is the currency required for these mounts, which can be obtained by engaging in various activities within the Emerald Dream such as Weekly Quests, encountering rares, completing Emerald Bounties, and participating in World Quests. There's a notable Weakaura created by Lazey to track your Dream Energy progress, which upon filling up, rewards you with Dream Infusion from Elianna.

Mount Selection:

  • Delugen: A mystical creature with a calming presence.
  • Mammyth: Majestic and robust, a testament to the ancient energies of the dream.
  • Stargazer: Its ethereal glow is reminiscent of a starry night.
  • Talont: A whimsical faerie dragon that's a new addition in this patch.
  • Imagiwing: A creature born from the whimsical essence of the dream.
  • Salatrancer: Its elegance and grace are unparalleled within the dream.

Emerald Bounty Mount

  • Mount: Winter Night Dreamsaber, a mount with a chance to drop from any type of Dreamseed Cache.
  • Acquisition: To acquire the Dreamseed Cache, players need to complete Emerald Bounties. Similar to the purchasable mounts, these bounties involve nurturing the Dreamseed Soil by growing different types of seeds. Upon successful cultivation, you'll be rewarded with a Dreamseed Cache, which may contain the elusive Winter Night Dreamsaber.

Each mount within the Emerald Dream represents a facet of the realm's mystical and ever-evolving nature. The array of colors, shapes, and sizes of these mounts provide players with a rich and rewarding experience as they traverse the verdant paths of the dream. Through engaging with the Dream Warden faction, nurturing the land, and exploring the mystical realm, players can collect these ethereal mounts and deepen their connection to the ancient, dream-woven world of Azeroth.

Achievement and Raid Mounts WoW Dragonflight 10.2

In the heart of the expansive and mystical realms of World of Warcraft, the Dragonflight 10.2 patch unveils a series of challenges and achievements that beckon the bravest of souls. These trials are not for the faint-hearted, for they unfold within the perilous raid, Amirdrassil, the Dream's Hope. Yet, for those who dare to venture into the abyss, an array of mythical mounts awaits, embodying the valor and resilience of Azeroth's champions. Here's a deeper delve into the realms of achievements and raids that reward the indomitable spirit with the coveted mounts:

Glory of the Dream Raider

  • Mount Reward: Reins of the Shadow Dusk Dreamsaber
  • Achievement: This prestigious accolade is reserved for the bravest of hearts who triumph over the trials of Amirdrassil, the Dream´s Hope. By completing 9 raid achievements, adventurers unlock the elusive Reins of the Shadow Dusk Dreamsaber. This mount emanates a mystical aura, reflecting the ancient lore of the Emerald Dream.

Ahead of the Curve

  • Mount Skin Reward: Renewed Proto Drake skin - Shadowflame
  • Achievement: The shadows of Amirdrassil whisper the tales of yore, challenging the valiant to conquer the raid before the unveiling of the next raid tier. By doing so, the champions are rewarded with the Renewed Proto Drake skin adorned with the ethereal Shadowflame, a symbol of their unyielding will against the terrors within the dream.

Fyrakk Boss Drop

  • Mount Skin Reward: Renewed Proto Drake skin - Blazing
  • Acquisition: Within the depths of Amirdrassil, the fire of Fyrakk, the last boss, rages. As the clash of steel echoes through the dream, a chance of obtaining the Renewed Proto Drake skin - Blazing lies in the balance. This skin, engulfed in a fierce blaze, symbolizes the fiery spirit of those who stand unbroken against the might of Fyrakk.

Each achievement and raid encounter is meticulously crafted, offering a blend of strategy, teamwork, and a test of mettle. The mounts and skins, with their unique aesthetics and lore, are more than mere collectibles. They are badges of honor, telling tales of valor, camaraderie, and the indomitable spirit of heroes who dare to dream and fight against the shadows that threaten the world of Azeroth.

The journey through the achievements and raids in Dragonflight 10.2 is a saga of epic proportions, a narrative etched in the annals of the Emerald Dream, waiting for brave souls to pen their chapters. Each mount and skin is a narrative, a legacy intertwined with the ancient lore, waiting to be discovered, tamed, and revered in the annals of Azeroth's rich history.

PvP and Mythic Plus Mounts WoW Dragpnflight 10.2

In the competitive and challenging spheres of Player versus Player (PvP) and Mythic Plus dungeons in World of Warcraft’s Dragonflight 10.2 patch, players are beckoned to test their mettle, strategy, and teamwork. The glory of combat and the camaraderie forged in the heat of battle are celebrated with the acquisition of majestic mounts, emblematic of one's prowess and honor. Here’s a detailed exploration of the PvP and Mythic Plus mounts, the epitome of glory and valor in the land of Azeroth:

PvP Season 3

  • Mount: Vicious Moonbeast
  • Path to Glory: As the horn of battle resounds across the lands, the arenas and battlegrounds become a crucible for honor and prowess. The Vicious Moonbeast awaits the valiant who rise through the ranks, its wild spirit resonating with the heartbeats of the champions.
  • Acquisition: The path to obtaining this mount is laden with trials as players must engage in Rated PvP matches during Season 3, striving to maintain a rating of 1000 or higher. Each victory not only inches one closer to the Vicious Moonbeast but also forges a narrative of valor, each clash an ode to one’s dedication to their faction and comrades.

Mythic Plus Season 3

  • Mount: Verdant Armoredon
  • The Mythic Quest: In the labyrinthine depths of Mythic Plus dungeons, the echo of ancient legends resounds, calling forth adventurers to delve into the unknown. The Verdant Armoredon is the coveted prize for those who dare to face the enigmatic and perilous trials within.
  • Acquisition: The acquisition of the Verdant Armoredon is a testament to one’s mastery over the arcane and the blade. A daunting rating of 2500 in mythic plus dungeons is the requisite, a number that reflects one’s dedication, strategy, and camaraderie with their fellow adventurers.

Each clash in the PvP arenas, each enigma unraveled in the Mythic Plus dungeons, is a step towards obtaining these illustrious mounts. They are not merely modes of traversal but are symbols of one's enduring spirit, a narrative of their journey through the competitive landscapes of Azeroth. The Vicious Moonbeast and Verdant Armoredon stand as monumental rewards, embodying the essence of the challenges overcome, the friendships forged in battle, and the unyielding resolve that propels one through the ranks.

Moreover, the design and lore behind these mounts are intricately woven with the narrative of Dragonflight 10.2, encapsulating the essence of PvP and Mythic Plus challenges. As players ride through the realms of Azeroth on these majestic beasts, they carry with them the tales of heroism, the hopes of their factions, and the chronicles of their adventures, echoing through the annals of World of Warcraft.


The new mounts are varied in models including magical creatures from the Emerald Dream, as well as some datamined models like fel motorcycles and sabertooth raptors​1​. The 10.2 patch brings a total of 24 new mounts including Dreamsabers, Dreamtalons among others​​. Some of these mounts are part of the 42 new mounts added with Dragonflight, which can be obtained through various methods as highlighted above​3​. There's also mention of a brand-new faerie dragon mount and a non-dragon-related mount adding to the collection​4​.

This summary amalgamates the provided content with the gathered information to give a comprehensive guide on how to obtain the new mounts in WoW Dragonflight 10.2.

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