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New World Furnishing Leveling Guide

23 Feb 2023
New World Furnishing Leveling Guide

Furnishing is one of the New World's most lucrative crafting trade skills. How can players unlock all blueprints for every housing item?

Like any popular MMO, New World allows players to have their own houses, estates, or any place of residence. Owning homes will enable players to have additional storage for their items and enable the owners to travel fast to these locations. However, the primary use of residences is for cosmetic purposes. Players will need to buy decorations from the New World market. This makes Furnishing a very lucrative career to take in the game. 

What is Furnishing?

This trade skill is one of the many crafting activities that gamers can participate in to earn New World gold. Furnishing allows players to make tons of furniture, storage chests, and trophies that can be placed within residences. There is a wide variety of items that Furnishers can create, which are all in high demand. 

For Furnishers, workshops in any major settlement will be their place of work. The tier of the items that these crafters can make is directly tied to the level of the crafting station they are working on. The higher the tier of the station, the more furniture can be created. 

However, Furnishers won't be spending much time in these workshops. Creating furnishings will require so many materials that players might be overwhelmed. The amount of processing and gathering needed to build furniture can intimidate anyone who wants to be part of the Furnishing industry. Fortunately, guides can help gamers to jump-start their careers. 

What Players Need to Start Furnishing? 

There are four primary aspects of this trade skill that players need to pay attention to. They are the workshop level, Furnishing level, companion skills, and resources. Workshop level, Furnishing level, and help determine what furniture can be created. Meanwhile, companion skills refer to other trade skills that complement Furnishing, such as gathering activities.  

All Needed Companion Skills 

There are certain gathering activities and processing abilities that Furnishers will need to have enough materials for their crafts. Unfortunately, gamers have so many housing items, which will require different resources. Having high levels in these companion skills will help Furnishers in their career: 

  • Cooking 
  • Harvesting 
  • Leathering 
  • Logging 
  • Mining 
  • Smelting 
  • Weaving 
  • Woodworking 

It's ideal to have experience in all of these trade skills. However, gamers who are looking to only craft specific items should put in more research to see which life skills they should focus on more. 

Furnishing Level

Since housing items are mainly for cosmetic purposes, players think that there is no point in leveling the Furnishing is not that relevant. However, certain products from this trade skill are beneficial for every gamer.  

Storage Chests and Trophies improve the quality of game life for those who own residences. Storage Chests allow players to increase their inventory slots and storage capacities. Meanwhile, trophies provide various bonuses and passives placed within homes. They can buff other trade skill activities or combat with specific enemy types. 

Optimal Combat Level 

Since a large portion of the Furnishers' time will be spent gathering materials, they should ensure that they can use the best harvesting tools. In addition, they should make sure that they can survive the environment where they will be gathering. For gamers' to optimize their resource collection, it is advised that players reach combat level 60. Reaching this milestone will enable gatherers to use Orichalcum tools, higher-quality trade skill buff consumables, and better farming routes. 

Workshop Tier Levels 

Workshop Tiers are essential since it allows crafters access to various blueprints for many housing items. Even if the Furnishing level is high, a Furnisher's capability to produce higher quality materials will be limited by the state of the crafting station. To increase the tier of the workshop, players will have to participate in Town Projects or accept tasks from the Town Board. 

There are tons of furniture that gamers can create. However, the most useful ones are the trophies and the storage chests. Here are the required workshop tiers to make the most sellable items: 

  • Tier III – Iron Storage Chest, Every Minor Combat Trophy, Every Minor Crafting Trophy, Every Minor Gathering Trophy, and Minor Loot Luck Trophy 
  • Tier IV – Hope Storage Chest, Every Basic Combat Trophy, Every Basic Crafting Trophy, and Every Basic Gathering Trophy 
  • Tier V – Golden Steel Storage Chest, Every Major Combat Trophy, Every Major Crafting Trophy, and Every Major Gathering Trophy 

How To Level Furnishing?

Fortunately for Furnishers, leveling up this trade skill is pretty straightforward. However, it can be rather tedious since it involves a lot of gathering and processing. Here is how you level up from one bracket to another: 

Level 0 to 75 

At this stage, players can choose to craft between three items and create them multiple times. Thankfully, the resources for these pieces of furniture are easy to gather. Here are what housing items that gamers can pick from: 

  • 465 Round Sunny Rugs 
  • 615 Ash Wall Shelves 
  • 22 Old Placesettings (to level 50) then 78 Ash Casual Chair (to rank 75) 

Here are the recipes for each item: 

Round Sunny Rugs (Workshop Tier 2) 
  • 15 Linen 
  • 5 Crossweave 
  • 5 Fibers 
Ash Wall Shelves (Workshop Tier 2)
  • 10 Iron Ingot 
  • 15 Timber 
  • 1 Ash Stain 
Old Placesettings (Workshop Tier 2) 
  • 10 Timber 
  • 5 Iron Ingot 
  • 1 Weak Solvent 
Ash Casual Chair (Workshop Tier 3) 
  • 15 Lumber 
  • 10 Steel Ingot 
  • 1 Maple Stain 

Level 75 to 100 

For this bracket, players can choose to create multiple products of one Furnishing between four housing items. Here are the Furnishing crafts that gamers can choose from: 

  • 55 Minor Corrupted Combat Trophies 
  • 55 Minor Logging Gathering Trophies 
  • 55 Minor Engineering Crafting Trophies 
  • 55 Minor Skinning Gathering Trophies 

Here are the materials needed for each crafting item: 

Minor Corrupted Combat Trophy (Workshop Tier 3) 
  • 25 Lumber 
  • 25 Life Mote 
  • 20 Steel Ingot 
  • 1 Maple Stain 
Minor Logging Gathering Trophy (Workshop Tier 3) 
  • 25 Lumber 
  • 25 Air Mote 
  • 20 Steel Ingot 
  • 1 Maple Stain 
Minor Engineering Crafting Trophy (Workshop Tier 3) 
  • 25 Lumber 
  • 25 Air Mote 
  • 20 Steel Ingot 
  • 1 Maple Stain 
Minor Skinning Gathering Trophy (Workshop Tier 3) 
  • 25 Lumber 
  • 25 Air Mote 
  • 20 Steel Ingot 
  • 1 Maple Stain 

Level 100 to 120 

For rank 100 to 120, there are five housing items players can choose to craft. Here are the Furnishings that crafters can choose from: 

  • 759 Oak Stains 
  • 150 Minor Corrupted Combat Trophies 
  • 150 Minor Logging Gathering Trophies 
  • 150 Minor Engineering Crafting Trophies 
  • 150 Minor Skinning Trophies 

Here are the materials needed for Oak Stains: 

  • Oak Stain (Workshop Tier 4) 
  • 10 Potent Solvents 
  • 4 Oils 

Level 120 to 150 

For this stage, Furnishers can choose between six items to craft repeatedly. Here are the pieces of housing furniture that crafters should focus on: 

  • 1,840 Strong Incense 
  • 2,130 Oak Stains 
  • 415 Minor Corrupted Combat Trophies 
  • 415 Minor Logging Gathering Trophies 
  • 415 Minor Engineering Crafting Trophies 
  • 415 Minor Skinning Trophies 

Here is the recipe for Strong Incense: 

Strong Incense (Workshop Tier 4) 

  • 1 Wyrwood Planks 
  • 1 Charcoal 
  • 1 Hyssop 
  • 1 Cinnamon 

Level 150 to 170 

To reach rank 170, players will need to create multiple units of three housing items. Here are the best furnishings to craft in this phase: 

  • 1,269 Mahogany Stains 
  • 4,440 Strong Incense 
  • 5,075 Oak Stains 

Here are the ingredients for the Mahogany Stains: 

Mahogany Stain (Workshop Tier 5) 

  • 10 Pure Solvent 
  • 4 Oil 

Level 170 to 200 

For the final stretch to rank 200, crafters will repeat craft housing items already crafted before. Here are all the furnishings that will help crafters reach the max level for this trade skill: 

  • 3,189 Mahogany Stain 
  • 3,348 Powerful Incense 
  • 11,160 Strong Incense 
  • 12,755 Oak Stain 

Need To Know: 

Though ranking up the Furnishing Level will allow access to most crafting blueprints, several housing items are still locked. To unlock the blueprints for these furnishings, players will have to run certain endgame content. Alternatively, the recipes for these housing materials can also be acquired by buying them from the Trading Post. 

Storage Chests are the most sellable items from the Furnishing trade skills. Since there is no limit to how many storage chests can be used in one residence, many housing owners will keep expanding their collection of these storage slots. Furnishers looking to profit from this trade skill should focus on crafting this type of furniture.  

Before harvesting resources for crafting, gatherers should always have Proficiency Boosters activated to optimize their time spent harvesting ingredients. 

Gamers don't need to gather every material needed for crafting. Buying them from the Trade Post is always a decent alternative, especially for those with limited playtime.  

Following this guide will ensure that Furnishers can set up their business in this trade skill. Make sure to unlock every blueprint available for New World accounts so that there are many options available for crafting. Prepare to get rich by focusing on the most lucrative furnishing items. 

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