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Shaman – Best PvP & PvE Build Tree

23 Feb 2023
Shaman – Best PvP & PvE Build Tree

Shamans improve their power through the elements: of fire, frost, earth, nature, and thunder. Since the earliest versions of the game World of Warcraft, shamans have been in demand as one of the best healers because they could restore health once a large number of heroes. In addition, the class did tremendous damage in both specializations and possessed several excellent skills useful in many situations. In PvP, shamans proved more than perfect, as they are a reasonably dense class with high healing and damage scores. Shamans in patch 10.0.5 feel great in battles with any opponent, whether a melee or ranged class, and perfectly fit into any group and raid.

Shaman PvE Builds in WoW Dragonflight

The shaman class is highly valued in PvE content, whether it's the highest level mythic key or the most increased raid complexity due to the mass of valuable skills: this is an opportunity to heal an ally and totems for all occasions and useful raid buffs. The primary stat is intelligence for elemental & Restoration and agility for Enhancement; the second is haste and mastery.

Restoration Shaman PvE Build

First, we'll look at the PvE focus of shamans and start with the only specialization suitable for healing a raid or group in PvE content. The shaman has a vast number of extraordinary abilities that allow him to heal both pointwise and massively. In addition, there are spells for damage reduction, fast movement, and more. The essential skills of the class are Spirit Link, Chain Heal, Riptide, Primordial Wave, Healing Rain, and Wellspring. Now the talents build:

The reason of the shaman power as a healer are massive spells for all occasions and the ability to put useful totems to be reborn and reduce incoming damage. Weaknesses include needing more tank safes, costly bits, and being tied to a tight group position.

Elemental Shaman PvE Build

Next, we will look at 2 DPS specializations, the first elemental focused on damage with ranged spells with direct damage. Its ability to deal significant damage in a single solo target or AoE, useful raid skills, improved totems, valuable simplicity, and gameplay flexibility set it apart for mythic+ key. Generally the powerful specialization abilities are Lava Surge, Stormkeeper, Icefury, Elemental Blast, Lightning Bolt, and Flame Shock spell. Now to the talent builds on a maximum level with 70 points:

From the pluses of this build, we can highlight the flexibility in the choice of talents, excellent mobility, and consistently significant damage to any number of targets. The disadvantages are the narrow focus of the class and the fact that other types often replace its abilities.

Enhancement Shaman PvE Build

The last branch to deal with damage is an enhancement based on melee weapon damage through the power of the elements. It has charming gameplay. Among the features are good target damage and many AoE, defensive abilities, and valuable tools for groups. The primary specialization abilities are Flame Shock, Elemental Blast, Windstrike, Ice Strike, Stormstrike, and Lava Lash. Remember about maelstrom weapon stacks on your character. The talent build looks like this:

Among the pluses of enhancement, the shaman has stable damage to 1 target and the ability to hit up to 6 targets at once, good raid and group cooldowns, good personal toughness, and nice buffs for the group. The disadvantages include the requirement for the speed of pressing buttons, individual skill, and control of all abilities. In addition, it strongly depends on the battle phases of the bosses.

Shaman PvP Build in WoW Dragonflight

In PvP, shamans are an excellent class that is hard to kill quickly and does tremendous damage. The course has considerable control, slow down, and defensive abilities and can even remove positive effects, making it extremely strong in PvP.

Restoration Shaman PvP Build

First, the ExpCarry team will show you the talent tree for the healer shaman. The latter is highly effective in arena battles and slightly less in battlegrounds, and in the right hands, it becomes almost immortal. The primary abilities of the class are Spirit Link, Riptide, Primordial Wave, Healing Rain, and Wellspring. It is worth remembering about Ancestral Protection Totem, Astral Shift, Tremor Totem, Wind Shear, and Hex spells. Talent tree further on maximum level:

Among the positive sides of restoration shaman are several possibilities to save teammates, good hits in critical situations, overall survivability, and many valuable spells in battle. The weaknesses are huge dependence on essential skills, significant skill rollbacks, and not the most potent healing abilities in normal conditions.

Elemental Shaman PvP Build

Next, let's break down the shaman's branch of talents in the elemental specialization, which deals damage with elements spells in ranged combat. It is characterized by mobility, excellent point, mass control, and high burst if necessary. The general specialization abilities are Lava Surge, Storm Elemental, Elemental Fury, Stormkeeper, Icefury, Elemental Blast, and Flame Shock. Remembering the protective spells Astral Shift, Thunderstorm, Wind Shear, and Hex is worth remembering. Now for the talent build:

On the plus side, there's tremendous sustained damage, mobility, a lot of control for mythic+ dungeon keystone, and valuable for teammates' totems. The disadvantages are a predictable burst, dependence on skills triggering, and only one defensive cooldown.

Enhancement Shaman PvP Build

The last tree in PvP content is an enhancement, which significantly damages bilge combat due to various physical weapon enhancements, which are winds and fire. It is distinguished by its ability to sit tight on a single target and constantly deal damage, reasonable control, and valuable for the group's abilities. The primary specialization abilities are Flame Shock, Elemental Blast, Feral Spirit, Wind Strike, Ice Strike, Storm Strike, and Lava Lash. Remembering the specific protective spells Grounding Totem, Wind Shear, Tremor Totem, Spirit Walk, Astral Shift, and Hex. Pick the branch in PvP that looks like this:

The main advantages of the shaman are explosive damage at one target, multiple interrupted spells effect, excellent self-healing per time, and high move mobility. The minuses are predictable damage, relatively weak mass control, and the increased requirement to play competently.

This little guide will help you orient yourself in essential skills for shamanism and start your way in PvE and PvP, just spend 30 minutes of your time. With our help, you will gain a good character gain, and you can be more effective and grab an approval from your teammates. This will make you valuable to a group of allies and raids in all situations, and adding a little training here can make you a very cool hero with colossal potential. We give you the right tool, help you learn the rotation, write about essential casts for the player, and how to use it is up to you.

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