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Top 5 Valorant Agent Synergies

12 Apr 2024
Top 5 Valorant Agent Synergies

Valorant is a shooter. But it’s not just about clicking heads on your own. This is one that relies on teamwork. While individual skills are, of course, very important, mastering how to build and coordinate your team is one of the best ways to elevate your team’s performance in Valorant. A key part of this is choosing powerful agent synergies. So let’s take a look at five potent synergies which can give you an advantage in your matches.

1. Jett & Breach: Powerful Entries

If you’re an aggressive player who loves to press your opponents, the combination of Jett and Breach is worth a go. Jett is one of the most agile duellists, her Updraft ability propels her to high ground, giving you immediate advantage by both scouting out the enemies and shooting down onto them or casting Blade Storm. Meanwhile Breach disrupts enemy defences with Flashpoint and Rolling Thunder, forcing them to move our of cover.

This duo works particularly well as Breach forces your opponents out of cover while Jett has the perfect vantage point to shoot them down.

2. Astra & Killjoy: Lockdown Specialists

Restricting the options for your opponents is a great way to get them into a position that gives you a significant advantage. Astra and Killjoy are a great duo to achieve just this.

Astra can pull enemies into vulnerable positions with Gravity Well or cut off certain directions with her Astral Form stars. This can put your opponents in positions which Killjoy can exploit with their Nanoswarm and Alarmbot, which dish out damage to finish them off.

This duo can also be good for creating chokepoints which your attackers need to deal with, forcing mistakes out of them.

3. Fade & Raze: Controlled Chaos

Speaking of forcing mistakes, Fade & Raze are another great duo for doing just that. 

Fade can use Haunt to reveal the positions of your opponents, using Seize to tether them. Raze can then chuck their grenades to secure easy eliminations without even coming into line of sight. This synergy can be particularly powerful against defenders, disrupting corner camping techniques which are incredibly common.

If you want to pimp our Fade and Raze, you can buy valorant points at a discount. It’s easy.

4. Sova & Cypher: Knowledge is Power

These two agents work together to give your team all the information you need to counter whatever your opponents might be doing. 

Sova can use Recon Bolt to reveal enemy positions while Cypher’s Spycam and Cyber Cage can lock down key areas, flanks and chokepoints. Together, these can give you plenty more eyes around the map without your agents needing to get in harms way. With this intel, Sova can then use Hunter’s Fury to flush enemies out of their hiding spots.

Given their focus on gathering intel, this duo has a notably slower playstyle than others on this list. But by knowing everything about your opponents, you can easily be a few steps ahead.

5. Skye & Reyna: Durable Duelists

Thees two have strong healing abilities which can turn the tide of battle through additional vitality.

A common tactic used with this duo is using Skye’s Guiding Light to reveal enemy positions, then sending Reyna in to quickly close the gaps and secure kills with Dismiss and Leer. While Reyna is jumping into the fray, Skye’s healing abilities can keep her up, while Reyna can heal herself off any kills that she secures.

Together, this duo can quickly overwhelm opponents thanks to their combination of information and healing.

Beyond the Basics: The Agent Pool

These five agent duos have displayed just how powerful synergies can be in Valorant, giving you notable advantages and forcing your opponents into sticky situations. However, with the game’s large pool of available agents, it’s clear that there are plenty more powerful synergies. And, to become the best, that means you’ll probably need to find some innovative powerful synergies which can catch your opponents off guard.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

While these synergies are sure to upgrade your team play, you still need to manage your team in the match. The synergies don’t simply work by themselves. That means keeping communication strong, coordinating yourselves and going in for the kill together. But with these synergies, team play and strategizing can become a whole lot easier.

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