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Lost Ark Classes Tier List

26 Apr 2022
Lost Ark Classes Tier List

Lost Ark encourages gamers to play more than one character to enjoy the full extent of the game. Which classes are best in PvP and in PvE?

Lost Ark allows players to create multiple characters to explore the world of Arkesia. It is even encouraged to play more than one class to farm more Lost Ark gold. With so many characters to choose from, adventurers might have a hard time picking the right job that would suit them. Fortunately, a class tier list can help decide which character gamers should go for next.  

Picking the suitable class for Lost Ark accounts is very important since players don’t want to spend hours leveling up only to find out they don’t like the character. Adventurers will have different preferences depending on their playstyle. Some will prefer newbie-friendly and easy-to-use characters, while others would like to play more complex and advanced characters. 

Class Introductions 

Before players choose the most optimal class for them, gamers should first understand how each class work. A brief description of each character will help summarize what adventurers need to learn about the existing jobs in the game. Here are all the currently available classes in Lost Ark:  


  • Berserker – These male characters use their greatsword to slash their way into the fray. This class prefers to stay in the thick of the battle and use their Berserker Mode to enter a raging frenzy. 
  • Gunlancer – These male warriors serve as the sword and shields of their party mates. Their kit revolves around having high stagger abilities that can deal decent damage. With their strong guards, they serve at the forefront of every battle. 
  • Paladin – Mixing strong defense with good offense, Paladins can dish out massive holy damage with their spells and abilities. They also provide excellent supporting skills that can heal and protect allies.  


  • Gunslinger – The only female gunner in this class. Gunslingers use their dual handguns, shotguns, and rifle to deal massive damage from afar. Their high mobility makes them hard to hit. When paired with their high stagger abilities, dungeon bosses will have difficulty fighting these shooters. 
  • Deadeye – The male counterpart of the Gunslingers. Deadeye almost have the same kit as their female counterpart, but they can be tricky. This class prefers to shoot enemies from behind to execute lethal combinations, which can deal massive damage in a short amount of time. 
  • Sharpshooter – These male archers play at the furthest edges of the arena. These characters prefer to snipe down their enemies from afar due to their squishy build. However, they can deal tons of damage if they are left unchecked, making them one of the most annoying classes to face in the arena. 
  • Artillerist – The most explosive advanced job in the whole gunner class. These male characters wield a giant gun that can shoot out high-explosive ammo and piercing bullets. They may be the least mobile job in this class, but they make up for it with their large AoE and Stagger attacks.  


  • Sorceress – This female class is arguably one of the best damage dealers in the game. They provide tons of crowd-control skills and pair them with their massive damage-dealing abilities. With the elements at their disposal, Sorceress characters can deal the most damage in a short period. 
  • Bard – These female Sylvains are considered the best supports in the game. Other than their strong heals and significant protective buffs, they can also provide some offensive supports abilities to their party. Alternatively, they can still be built to become decent damage dealers. 

Martial Artist 

  • Striker – These fighters can be one of the most annoying classes that players can face off against. Relying on their chain attacks and combos, Strikers can deal damage while keeping their enemies immobilized, making it hard for opponents to fight back. 
  • Wardancer – While not as good as Strikers in solo combat, Wardancers are still great fighters that fit well in group PvP combat. They are also far better in PvE due to their wide-sweeping abilities and combos. 
  • Scrapper – This Martial Artist provides a good balance between offense and defense. They are straightforward to use, and their combos are straightforward to master. In addition, they provide other supporting abilities such as crowd controls that can help them and their teammates in challenging situations. 
  • Soulfist – One of the flashiest classes in the game, Soulfists use a mix of melee and ranged attacks. Using energy called Adamance, these fighters can fire energy beams and cause considerable AoE damage. They can be tough to learn, but they are one of the strongest characters if the players take the time to master them. 

Tier Lists 

These tiers will not just rank how good each class is but also how easy they are to use per category. While some jobs are ranked lower than others, that doesn’t mean that they are weaker. Here are the rankings that will help adventurers in choosing their characters: 

PvE Rankings 

S Tier (Paladin, Bard, Sorceress, Gunlancer, and Berserker) 

  • Paladin – Paladins are extremely good at PvE situations. They can provide decent damage upkeep while keeping their teammates alive with shields and healing. Though they lack armor, they provide the most offensive support abilities, enabling players to fire a barrage of attacks continuously. 
  • Bard – While damage dealt by Bards and their armor are minimal, they provide the most potent healing abilities in the game. They have tons of support and damage reduction skills to help sustain their party in prolonged fights. They also give out excellent crowd control immunity that is extremely helpful in boss fights. 
  • Sorceress – This mage class is already considered the most prominent damage-dealing character in the game. They provide massive AoE damage and consistent damage upkeep. Even the most novice Sorceress can still dish out strong attacks as long as they land their abilities. 
  • Gunlancer – Gunlancers can stay at the forefront of battles the longest as the most formidable tanks in the game. Their strong shields and taunts can direct all the damage from enemies to themselves and soak them like a sponge. Despite being tanks, they can still pack a decent punch. 
  • Berserker – These raging warriors can take on whole swathes of enemies independently. With their Mayhem ability, they can unleash flurries of broad slash attacks and tank a decent amount of damage. 

A Tier (Shadowhunter, Wardancer, Scrapper, Striker, Artillerist, Deathblade, and Gunslinger)

  • Shadowhunter – While this assassin class is less mobile than the other one, Shadowhunters make up for this with their hybrid build, which allows them to do a range, melee, and peel attacks. In her Demon Form, they can deal tons of burst damage and become tankier. Unfortunately, they tend to be more vulnerable in certain situations than S-tier jobs. 
  • Deathblade – This assassin class is arguably the most significant damage dealing melee class. They have multiple combos and playstyles that allow her to dish out continuous massive damage. This character is relatively easier to learn, but they are not that tough, making them vulnerable to attacks. 
  • Wardancer and Striker – Both classes rely on combo attacks to deal continuous damage. While Strikers have more damage reduction abilities, Wardancers have more PvE and party-oriented skills, which gives them an edge over their male counterpart. With so many skills and limited resistance, adventurers will have to be more cautious with this class.  
  • Scrapper – This fighter class is one of the most straightforward jobs to learn. They have considerable mobility skills, decent stagger, high immunity, great counter, and immense AoE burst damage. They are a well-rounded class that makes them the most newbie-friendly character. 
  • Artillerist – This male gunner is the tankiest one in the gunner class, which makes up for their lack of mobility. They can provide some of the highest damage output due to their high critical chance and stagger skills. Unfortunately, their lack of mobility and sustainability makes them vulnerable to crowd-control and broad attacks. 
  • Gunslinger – This female gunner class is very mobile, enabling her to dodge most attacks from opponents. She also offers high damage upkeep and can be very flexible in her combos. She can attack from any angle, making her easier to use against Guardians and bosses.  

B Tier (Deadeye, Sharpshooter, and Soulfist) 

  • Deadeye – This class is complicated and requires excellent positioning skills to deal damage. Though it is a range class, Deadeyes deal the most damage from using their shotgun at close range. While this gunner job is complex, those who master their kit can realize its full potential.  
  • Sharpshooter – While Sharpshooters can deal out some of the highest damage in the range class, their squishiness makes them vulnerable to attacks. This gunner class is not listed further up because their two strongest attacks are stationary, making them easy targets for opponents, and they need excellent positioning skills. However, mastering this class will show adventurers how strong Sharpshooters are. 
  • Soulfist – This Martial Artist can deal massive damage with their flashy abilities. Unfortunately, her attacks have very long animations or loading times, which may miss her targets or get canceled. She has one of the most complicated gameplays in Lost Ark. However, players who can master this class will be dealing out some of the highest damage compared to other characters.  

PvP Rankings 

S Tier (Gunslinger, Paladin, Berserker, Deathblade, Bard, and Sorceress) 

  • Gunslinger – This character is very flexible, but it deals the most damage from afar. This ensures that she is away from the thick of the battle while dealing much damage. Fortunately, if enemies try to get close, she still has many abilities and weapons that can help with close combat. 
  • Paladin – This holy warrior can provide so many offensive and defensive blessings to teammates that opponents tend to avoid battle while the buffs are up. Paladins can also dish out chunks of burst damage if they are built for PvP. 
  • Berserker – This warrior class is very annoying, especially in their Mayhem mode. They are tough to disable and can get very close and personal. 
  • Deathblade – This assassin class is very mobile and hard to pin down. They can waltz around their enemies while dealing enormous amounts of damage. She is excellent in both solo duels and team fights, making her one of the best PvP combatants. 
  • Bard – Though they barely present any threat as damage dealers, Bards can be very annoying, especially when left alone in the field. They provide tons of healing and defensive buffs to ensure their teammates survive and win the battle.  
  • Sorceress – Big AoE attacks, great CC chains, and enormous burst damage. If they aren't focused, sorceress players are built to dominate the arena.  

A Tier (Striker, Gunlancer, Soulfist, Wardancer, Shadowhunter, Deadeye, and Artillerist) 

  • Striker – Though they don’t deal as much damage as Deathblades, they are still one of the most annoying characters. Once an experienced Striker lands a hit and executes a combo, there is no choice other than waiting for the attack to end.  
  • Gunlancer – While this armored class is prized for its strength and durability, it can provide more skills than just soaking up damage from opponents. Gunlancers can provide insane crowd control, giving their teammates enough time to fish the job. 
  • Soulfist – Though their attack animations are long, players tend to stay away from this class once they have finished casting. Getting caught up in Spirit bombs and energy beams will significantly reduce the HP of any adventurer. Veteran Soulfists are very knowledgeable about when to use their skills and are looming threats when not focused on. 
  • Wardancer – With low cooldowns and plenty of combos, this female Martial Artist can ensure consistent damage upkeep during duels. While it doesn’t have the same disabling attacks as its male counterpart, its high mobility and party-oriented attacks make them great members in group fights. 
  • Shadowhunter – Though they deal more minor damage than the other assassin advanced class, Shadowhunters are still a significant threat during PvP situations. Their durability and combinations of ranged peel damage and burst melee attacks make them very dangerous opponents.  
  • Artillerist – This gunner class can pack quite a punch when left alone. They provide massive explosions and disabling gatling attacks that can spell doom for reckless enemies. Just because they are less mobile doesn’t mean they are easy targets. A combination of airstrikes and shields makes it risky for opponents to charge Artillerists without any plan. 

B Tier (Scrapper and Sharpshooter) 

  • Scrapper – Since Scrappers are very easy to use and learn, they are also straightforward to counter. They provide decent damage output and burst attacks, but other classes can out scale them. However, they are well-rounded, making them extremely good in 1v1 duels and team fights. A player who has mastered this class will be able to eliminate opponents quickly without their enemies being able to fight back. 
  • Sharpshooter – This archer character is vulnerable to attacks and crowd controls due to their squishy nature. However, in the hands of an experienced gamer, Sharpshooters are a force to be reckoned with. Taking advantage of their high mobility to escape close combat and using their high damage-dealing abilities, this class should always be focused on during fights to avoid getting hit by substantial critical strikers out of nowhere. 

This tier list ranks classes depending on how easy they are to use in PvP or PvE situations. All of these characters have their niche and have varying advantages. How well they perform in the game depends on the players’ willingness to learn and master their chosen class for their Lost Ark accounts.

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