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Prepare for WoW Dragonflight – How to Start Guide

23 Feb 2023
Prepare for WoW Dragonflight – How to Start Guide
It's not long until the heroes of Azeroth have left Shadowlands and returned to the world of the living, to focus their forces on the new threat in the World of Warcraft add-on Dragonflight. The developer has officially announced that the future addition pre-patch will be installed on all servers October 26 — exactly one week later. World of Warcraft Dragonflight itself will be released on November 29. As such, now is a good time to get the rewards that will become unavailable after Patch 9.2.5 leaves, as well as the activities available with the installation of the pre-patch. Let's go over everything in order.

Various Shadowlands achievements

The main type of activity will be to get a variety of achievements and items that then will be impossible or extremely difficult to obtain.

Back from the Beyond achievement

By completing this meta-achievement, heroes will receive not only achievement points, but also a beautiful title – Veilstrider, which will be impossible to obtain with the release of WoW Dragonflight. Part of the achievements can be completed on their own, but some will require the collection of full groups with the proper level of items.

Fates of the Shadowlands Raids achievement

Don't forget about the Jigglesworth Sr. mount, which you can get by completing The Fates of the Shadowlands Raids achievement. There are a couple of other rewards attached as well:

  • Hero of Fate title when completing the heroic difficulty level;
  • Shadowlands Raid Teleports on the mythic level.

Beginning October 26, the heroes of Azeroth will have less than a month to add this amazing vehicle to their collection.

Achievement Ahead of the Curve: The Jailer and Leading Motives quest

It is also not unreasonable to pass the task and defeat The Jailer on heroic difficulty level in Sepulcher of the First One's raid. For this, gamers will receive 2 rewards:

This will require a fairly strong raid with good equipment and knowledge of tactics. Time is running out for the special Almanac's Echo item, and all lovers of beautiful vehicles should hurry.

We Are All Made of Stars achievement

We Are All Made of Stars, on heroic and mythic difficulty levels cannot be overlooked. The achievement is a reference to a similar one, but available in the old version of the game in the Ulduar raid. It requires a well-equipped raid to defeat the boss Rygelon in Sepulcher of the First Ones under the effects of Herald of the Cosmos without a single death. Sounds pretty tough, especially considering that time is running out before WoW Dragonflight's release.

Shadowlands Unique Mounts

Before the World of Warcraft Shadowlands add-on fades into oblivion, it's worth it to get the mounts you get from the last raid bosses. In fact, there are two of them:

  • Vengeance's Reins Mount is obtained from Sylvanas Windrunner in the Sanctum of Domination raid on mythic difficulty only. You need a strong group to pass it, even though the raid is not the last one available.
  • Sanctum Gloomcharger's Reins drop from boss The Nine in Sanctum of Domination raid with pretty low chance.
  • Fractal Cypher of the Zereth Overseer drops from the final boss of the Sepulcher of the First One's raid — The Jailer. This boss is very difficult even for dressed groups, because the raid is still relevant. Wanting to get this vehicle is also not a few, so you'll have to try and hope for luck.

You will need the help of other players to obtain the means of transportation listed below. The difficulty is that after the release of the pre-patch, their number in the right locations will decrease dramatically.

By the way, we at ExpCarry can help you get each of these mounts, and at the same time, and other achievements. If your plan is to get almost 100% of these mounts — you should hurry, because there are more and more people, and the time is less and less.

Another activity of this format will be mining the Frostbrood Proto-Wyrm mountain. It is given for completing the opening quest chain for Death Knights in World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King Classic. Don't miss it.

Dragonflight pre-patch activity

Beginning November 15, all gamers will be available to a new class — Dracthyr Evoker and the opportunity to participate in events across Azeroth. Overnight, the continent will be attacked by Primalist forces in 4 different zones:

  • Tirisfal Glades, Eastern Kingdoms;
  • Badlands, Eastern Kingdoms;
  • Northern Barrens, Kalimdor;
  • Un'Goro, Kalimdor.

To complete each battle, you must knock the enemy out of the zone, after which the final boss will appear. He drops level 252 equipment, upgrade items, and more. Also, there is a chance to knock out «Dimmed Primeval» item, which you can combine to make an heirloom trinket once you've collected all four.

In addition, each user of World of Warcraft Dragonflight will have the opportunity to visit a new dungeon called Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr.

Prepare for WoW Dragonflight Release

Here, each user has his or her own space for creativity. We at ExpCarry will give just a few hints on how to prepare for the next add-on. In addition, we are happy to offer our help in achieving certain goals — for more information, please contact the project managers. Now to the activities:

  • Upgrade a few twinks to level 60. This will give you the opportunity to try out several classes in Dragonflight and choose the most interesting.
  • Take a new or finish the existing profession. If you wanted to get Alchemy & Herbalism along with Leatherworking & Skinning, now is the best time. You never know how a profession will become the most profitable.
  • Earn a mountain of gold. As a rule, near the end of the add-on, saving up gold works best because of many factors. Starting a new add-on with a bag full of gold is much more pleasant, because you never know where the coins may come in handy. Think about it.

What you need to get a comfortable start in Dragonflight

Agree, it's always more pleasant to start a new add-on when the character is fully prepared to dive into the adventure. That's why we advise you not to forget:

  • Assemble the best equipment possible;
  • Get all the achievements that will become unavailable;
  • Upgrade one or more twinks for varied play;
  • Decide on your future profession in Dragonflight;
  • Participate in Primal Storms event with new enemies and bosses to get Gear for start in Dragon Isles;
  • Take advantage of the Character Power Leveling 60-70 service at a bargain price;
  • Choose and upgrade your Dracthyr Evoker (combines perfectly with the previous point).

We hope that World of Warcraft Dragongflight will not disappoint you, and we will meet more than once in the vastness of Azeroth. 

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