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Dragonflight PvP Season 1 – Crimson

23 Feb 2023
Dragonflight PvP Season 1 – Crimson

The first season of PvP battles in World of Warcraft Dragonflight has already started successfully. This only means that gamers are waiting for new items of equipment, mounts, steep ranks, and endless struggle for rating. The ExpCarry team decided to make the process easier and help to understand all the intricacies.

PvP changes in WoW Dragonflight

Frankly speaking, there are not many important changes, but they are there, and they are worthy of attention. We'll tell you about the new PvP zones, item levels, added abilities, available rewards, and more. Enjoy reading.

New arena zones and changes to their rotation

In the new addition will not yet appear additional battlefields, but fans will be able to try out the new terrain called Nokhudon Proving Grounds, made in the theme of centaurs. This area is located on the Ohn'ahran Plans. The arena has a fairly familiar look, a couple of pillars, climbing areas, and generally plenty of room to maneuver.

Next, something new awaits gamers. With the release of the new zone, the number of battle spots in the arena is now 15. The developer felt that this is a lot and introduced a significant change. Now there are only 8 types of arenas available each week, and these sets of 3, which gives more time to sharpen the skills and strategies of fighting in each of the arenas. The rotation is as follows:

First weekSecond weekThird week
Nagrand Arena
Nagrand Arena
Nagrand Arena
Dalaran Sewers
Ruins of Lordaeron
Hook Point
Tiger’s Peak
Tiger’s Peak
Tol’Viron Arena
Empyrean Domain
Empyrean Domain
Ashamane’s Fall
Ashamane’s Fall
Blade’s Edge Arena
The Robodrome
Maldraxxus Coliseum
Maldraxxus Coliseum
Enigma Crucible
Black Rook Hold Arena
Enigma Crucible
Nokudon Proving Grounds
Nokudon Proving Grounds
Nokudon Proving Grounds
As you can see, some arenas are found all the time, but most still differ from each other. This allows you to plan to some extent for the coming week's battles when your favorite PvP zone itself enters the pool.

Solo Shuffle mode

This type of battle was previously presented as pure entertainment, but now you can get real rewards and even unique ranks. Here are a few features of Solo Shuffle mode for a better understanding of the situation:

  • You can find this mode in the Ranked Battles tab;
  • To participate in 1 on 1 battle, you will need to have a certain level of items. In the first season, this value is 408;
  • This mode is an inter-faction mode. That is, the players of the Horde and Alliance alternately fight with each other in Solo Shuffle;
  • In the ranking table is not based on the class of the character, as usual, but on the specialization;
  • The list of available rewards is similar to the usually ranked PvP battles, except for the rank of Gladiator – in Solo Shuffle there is the achievement Crimson Soloist: Dragonflight Season 1 and the rank of Crimson Soloist;
  • The obtained rating is calculated in a rather strange way: it depends on the result, each player's rating separately, MMR, and the number of rounds.

We are confident that the mode turned out to be very attractive for fans to test their skills in solo battles. We hope that Solo Shuffle will remain in the ranking PvP rotation forever and diversify the gameplay.

New PvP talent and accessory bonus

The new talent is Precognition, and it looks pretty interesting for casters. The essence of it is that when your spell is interrupted, the character increases his speed by 15% and gets immunity to control for 4 seconds.

PvP accessories can now be assembled into a set and give a special bonus when you get 2 pieces. It is called Gladiator's Distinction and provides an effect that reduces control time on the character by 10%. Theoretically, it's a great bonus, but in practice, it looks pretty mediocre.

Dragonflight PvP Gear in Season 1

Here's where gamers are in for a huge surprise, and you can't even say whether it's pleasant or not. The fact is that in WoW Dragonflight the level of PvP equipment becomes immediately available as much as possible. To put it simply, any PvP item is equal in power to the best gear from the mythic raid. 

Now, increasing the rating does not give you the ability to get cooler items – all of this is directly related to the level of PvP items in PvE content. Simply put: a higher ranking in the arena or battleground means stronger items in PvE. This is done to ensure that the outcome of the battle between players depends primarily on the personal skills of the player himself. ExpCarry experts believe that this decision is quite controversial, but in general, it will be seen whether such a decision by the company will pay off.

PvP gear traders and item level

As before, you need Honor points & Conquest points to purchase items, which are earned on battlefields, arenas, and world battles. But where to find merchants, because Valdrakken is so big? Now we'll tell you all about it.

The main types of currencies can be spent at Seltherex - Honor points, and Calderax - Conquest points. In addition, with the character named Glamora, players with a rating of 2400+ can buy cool looks of weapons for any class. You can find them at the coordinates:

  • /way #2112 44.4 37.0 Seltherex
  • /way #2112 44.6 37.0 Calderax
  • /way #2112 45.6 38.6 Glamora

In addition, there are characters selling items for unique WoW Dragonflight currencies nearby. These are Bloody Tokens & Trophy of Strife, which can be exchanged for all sorts of things. The first character's name is Fieldmaster Emberath, and you can exchange the accumulated Bloody tokens for armor items for the character. The second one's name is Malicia, and she sells even stronger PvP equipment. You can find them at the coordinates:

  • /way #2112 43.2 42.2 Fieldmaster Emberath
  • /way #2112 43.2 42.2 Malicia

When asked about the level of items in the new World of Warcraft add-on Dragonflight, we also have the answer. The armor is divided into 2 types – the challenger set with weaker characteristics and the gladiator set, which is an order of magnitude stronger. Not to occupy you with unnecessary information, let's say that the challenger items have 411 levels at each stage of improvement, and gladiator items – the maximum at the moment is 424.

Great Vault Dragonflight season 1

As always, for participating in PVP activities in a weekly chest, you can find one of three good items to choose from. To receive awards, you need to fulfill certain conditions, the more difficult it is, the more awards. The conditions are as follows:

  • Earn 1250 Honor points in a week;
  • Earn 2,500 Honor points in a week;
  • Earn 5,000 Honor points in a week;

Mentioning awards isn't worth your time. Suffice it to say that the level of items received will always be 424, regardless of the rating at the end of the week.

Dragonflight PvP Season 1 Rewards

Items for the character are not all for which it is worth fighting in PVP. Perhaps the most important awards are precisely achievements, titles, and mounts. And the appearance of the equipment, of course.

The ExpCarry team below has prepared all the data regarding the available awards and the accompanying armor illusions for the character:

The coolest award will be received by those included in 0.1% of the entire table in the 3v3 arena at the end of the season. The lucky ones will receive:

Separately, the PvP mounts of the first season of World of Warcraft Dragonflight deserve mention. And that is a good reason – the number of mounts in the current supplement is very much reduced because each copy is cool. In this case, there are only 2 of them:

  • Vicious Sabertooth is presented in two colors for each fraction and is mined by a long and stubborn farm of PVP content;
  • Crimson Gladiator's Drake is a worthy reward for proven battles in the arena. Given as a reward for achieving the gladiator rating in the first season of WoW DF.

To summarize, we will say that every new PVP season is a great opportunity to prove ourselves. You can simply perform interesting activities, or step by step climb up a step to the peaks. Given that PvP is now closely related to PvE, the question of the relevance of the content disappears by itself.

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