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What needs to be done in WoW Shadowlands Season 2

23 Feb 2023
What needs to be done in WoW Shadowlands Season 2

Each season of World of Warcraft is not only about adding new content in the form of dungeons, raids, factions, and more. The developers also add unique rewards that cannot be obtained after the season ends.

WoW Shadowlands Season 2 rewards are difficult to obtain for the reason that they are given out for quite complex actions. For example, achieving a high ranking in the arena or mythic+ dungeons. The ExpCarry team has compiled a complete list of rewards for everyone who wants them, which will soon be impossible to obtain.

What you can get from the dungeons of WoW Shadowlands Season 2?

Mythic+ dungeons, a veritable collection of all sorts of awards and unique seasonal achievements. Every season of World of Warcraft Shadowlands, there are special rewards that are no longer obtainable.

In the current patch, gamers will be able to obtain 2 great achievements and the corresponding rewards for doing so. When heroes reach a 1500 rating, they will receive the achievement «Shadowlands Keystone Conqueror: Season Two» & the title of «The Tormented». Upon reaching the 2000 mythic+ ranking mark, one can become the possessor of the achievement «Shadowlands Keystone Master: Season Two» & a special mount, the «Soultwisted Deathwalker». If for any reason, the user was unable to get to the cherished numbers, the reward will never get there.

Having achieved a place in the top 0.1% of the leaderboard at the end of the season, the player will earn the special feat of «Tormented Hero: Shadowlands Season 2» and the corresponding title of «Tormented Hero». If you get all of these bonuses in Season 2, they will be permanently attached to your account and will be a great addition to your character's feat collection.

In addition, there are special achievements for passing level 20+ in the key timer. It's called «Keystone Hero», and as a bonus, the gamer gets to use a teleported directly to a dungeon that was passed at the required level.

Presently, the difficulty of getting the rewards is that most of the gamers have long-rated and no one simply does not want to take the newcomers. If you want to get these achievements, contact the ExpCarry managers who are happy to help you.

What you can get from WoW Shadowlands Season 2 raids?

Current World of Warcraft raids is another player favorite. For special achievements in completing content, gamers will also receive cool achievements and rewards.

When completing the Sanctum of Domination in a heroic mode in the second season of WoW Shadowlands, players will receive the achievement «Ahead of the Curve: Sylvanas Windrunner», considered a great feat and unavailable afterward unavailable after the end of season 2.

By defeating the eponymous boss in mythic mode, gamers will own the truly great achievement «Cutting Edge: Sylvanas Windrunner». There's also a 100% chance the boss will give the luckiest members of the group a unique mounter called «Vengeance's Reins». 

While that might be next to impossible for most players, there is, however, still a way to go about it. Ask our experienced account manager for more details!

What you can get for participating in PvP WoW Shadowlands Season 2

The last aspect that is undergoing a seasonal change is PvP. Each season offers a fresh start, dropping ranks and ranks accumulated. The most skilled users will be rewarded in the second World of Warcraft Shadowlands PvP season with not only cool achievements but also unique mounts and ranks.

WoW Shadowlands Season 2 Arena

Each accumulated rating corresponds to a specific rank and achievement:

  • 1400 rating — «Combatant: Shadowlands Season 2»;
  • 1600 rating — «Challenger: Shadowlands Season 2»;
  • 1800 rating — «Rival: Shadowlands Season 2»;
  • 2100 rating — «Duelist: Shadowlands Season 2» and access to unique weapon charms;
  • 2400 rating — «Elite: Shadowlands Season 2» and a cool tabard.

In addition, after winning 50 battles in a highly ranked arena, a hero can gain the title of «Gladiator», the achievement «Gladiator: Shadowlands Season 2» and the «Unchained Gladiator's Soul Eater» rake. The top 0.1% of players in the 2v2 and 3v3 arena will earn the special title of «Unchained Gladiator» and the achievement of «Unchained Gladiator: Shadowlands Season 2». At the end of WoW Shadowlands Season 2, ranks will become unavailable and will be replaced by similar ranks, but tied to the next content step.

WoW Shadowlands Season 2 Rating Battlegrounds

Getting into the top 0.5% of the rankings can earn the title «Hero of the Horde/ Hero of the Alliance» and the feat «Hero of the Horde: Unchained/Hero of the Alliance: Unchained». It is worth noting that the rewards obtained will forever remain with the gamer and will distinguish it from others.

PvP character progression

A special reward awaits the gamer for his overall progress in the PvP content. After winning a certain number of matches in ranked battles, the hero will get the opportunity to become the owner of a mount with unique coloring. The hardest hitter in season 2 will be rewarded with a «Vicious war gorm», uniquely colored for each faction. Subsequent victories will earn you the «Vicious saddle», which can be exchanged for one of the previously available combat vehicles.

The main difficulty for users is that even just winning a battle already is hard, let alone reaching such heights. If you plan to get PvP achievements before the end of the second season of WoW Shadowlands — write to our managers and find out all the details. We're ready to help with any rating.

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